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How close to your due date did you work until?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by glitterkid, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. 37.5 weeks. Was due middle of summer hols so hoped to make up to end of term so mat leave could start on my due date. Managed it, but found it very tiring, but I was massive and had SPD. Writing my reports took me forever that year!
    Intending with next one to go off a bit earlier to spend time with baba 1.
  2. I know it's fashionable to be working til the last minute but I am actually really happy that I finished at 35 weeks. I was knackered by this time at school and found my 30 minute drive either way really difficult. Being off gave me time to relax, think about the baby, finish all the shopping and really sleep...believe me you need to have a go at all this stuff before the tornado of being a new mum sweeps in. I know it depends on your financial situation but if you can I would try to make sure you have at least a few weeks of relaxation. There is also the point that if school don't have a maternity cover lined up til when you say you're going to leave and then you suddenly go into labour there is all kinds of chaos at school...now I know that isn't really your problem but I like the idea of a smooth transition. :)
  3. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I worked until 36 weeks both times, and the first time i'd planned to work until 38, and 37 the second time. I was full time the first time and was just so fed up...i work in a 'challenging' school shall we say and it was getting a bit much. I went back part time after my 1st, and was planning to work until the Easter holidays, but i slept so badly in my pregnancy that i was permanently exhausted (and had a toddler to look after) that the school actually said they were worried about me as i looked so awful (said in a nicer way of course) so i decided to go a bit earlier.
    I was glad of the time, even though my 1st was 10 days late and my 2nd was 12 days late. The first time i had all that time to myself which was lovely, and the 2nd time i sent my son to the childminder a few times while i was still on full pay and got chance to relax on days where i'd usually have been at work.
    Being a new mum is exhausting so i think it's worth making the most of any free time you get first!
  4. My daughter was two weeks early, but I went on maternity leave 6 weeks before EDD so had 4 weeks off and I loved it, I was a hot, waddling mess by then and really enjoyed time with parents, swimming and chilling- time I will not have for a long, long, I also ate a lot of ice lollies!

    Everyone is different, so everyone does it differently.
  5. I worked until 36 weeks. LO was due the beginning of January and I always find the Autumn term a killer and I think throughout most of my teaching career I've had best part of the week off with flu/bad cold etc. so I decided to go the beginning of December giving me about 4 weeks before LO arrived. It was definitely the right decision for me as it took off the pressure of having to prepare concerts etc. for the end of term and meant that I could do all the Christmas shopping etc. and prepare for having LO and I didn't get the usual bad cold or flu.
    Moomoon is completely right when she says everyone is different. I definitely recommend thinking about how you normally cope with the Autumn term (I saw your LO is due around the same time mine appeared) and then make a decision. However you can always say you'll work right up until the end and then if you can't cope you can always ask your GP to sign you off and therefore start your maternity leave early.
  6. You could put your EDD as your first day of Mat leave - If you have a day off for a pregnancy related thing from 36 weeks your employers can start your leave early anyway.
    I finished when I was 34+5 (October half term) so Mat leave officially started when I would have been 36+1. I went into labour (OH had been rebuilding the stairs in that week) 35+6 and had LO the morning after. I was aboslutely shattered and couldn't have worked anymore. On the other hand, unintentionally, I have got to spend an extra month with my little man. I am glad now - was petrified at the time.
  7. naomi26

    naomi26 New commenter

    I was due 14th jan 2011, so i decided to work up until xmas hols 17th dec. I decided to start mat pay on 4th jan, however my daughter didn't arrive until 25th! I was beginning to feel really tired so I'm glad i went off when i did. It gave me a chance to get the house ready.
  8. I was at work on the friday and had my lo on the following tues! Was certainly not planned that way! I had my lo 3 weeks early so had planned to work until end of term (Christmas) then start maternity leave the 1st back in january ... due to lo being early I ended up losing out on christmas holiday pay anway as maternity leave then started before the hols. Next time I will definitely aim to finish about 36 to 37 weeks as I so wish I had got a couple of weeks rest before having lo - instead i went into motherhood absolutely knackered and completely unprepared!
    However, that said, whatever happens being a mum is the best thing in the world - good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! xx
  9. I had my baby in Feb. I was due on the 20th and worked until the 18th which was a friday. I felt fine. A freind and collegue was due a week after me but had to start her maternity leave before christmas as she was struggling. I knew I would only be able to take 18 weeks leave and I honestly believe being focused on working as long as possible worked for me
  10. I started mat ;eave at 36 weeks, but this was after 2 weeks off for easter. I was so ready to go off, and i loved the time to sleep and rest and cook and clean. I did get very bored though, especially as I went 15 days over! Next time I would try to work a bit longer, but that's because I'm only part time now.
  11. I've just finished for the summer/mat leave (starting September) and am 34 weeks today :-D I was ready to finish, that's for sure. I was working full time- full time teaching plus an energetic 18 month old and a massive baby bump = bloody hard work!!

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