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how can we write a blurb ?

Discussion in 'English' started by amadpasha, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. hi can any one tell that what are blurbs and how can i write blurbs?
  2. It's text used to promote a book. You often find bklurbs printed on the back cover.
    Blurbs are similar to book reviews, in that they are designed to tell the reader what the book is all about. The difference is that they are not neutral. They are designed to persuade the reader to purchase the book. They tend to be much sorter than book reviews.
    To write one, think "what type of person would want to read this book?" - are we looking for children, people who like vampires, people who need to pass examinations? "What does the book have to offer that makes it attractive?" Is it an up to date children's adventure, does it have real vampires, is the publisher also the board that sets the examination? "How can we entice the reader to look further?" - you don't tell the reader everything, just enough to intrigue him.


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