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how can i legally make a bank of songs for students to use?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by moonlight35, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. I might be asking something very obvious but what i want to have is a folder with lots of different songs that the students can access and use as i tell them to (i.e in a glogster ). But i dont see how i can pursue those songs in a legal but free way. If i download them from Youtube and save them somewhere I think it is illegal right?
    The students cannot access any download music from school.

    Any suggestions appreciated!

  2. Any suggestions?
    Or what is anybody else doing when not playing things from Youtube?
    Thank you
  3. Does your music dept not have music made by your exam classes that you could use instead? Have you googled creative commons music sites and downloaded some of their mp3s? Some are a bit strange but some are very good. I believe you can have 30 seconds of commercial music -I cut down pop songs to make sure they are under 30 seconds - a bit of a bind but then they can use them safely or string several lots of 30 seconds together.
  4. I am trying to find the same answer...any joy??
  5. Have you explored Spotify?
    Once you have downloaded Spotify, you could make a playlist of songs and then share it with your students. I imagine some of them may be using it anyway!

  6. I thought for Spotify you needed to pay either £5 or £10 per month?!
  7. You can get Spotify Open for free. Details are here:
    You do get adverts, but it is not too annoying after a while. Like listening to a radio station that plays only songs you actually like! There is a lot of foreign music on there and I have used it in lessons, at open evenings and also sent playlists to students to listen to in their free time.
  8. Thank you for that Rutbag I have downloaded it and started my first playlist, but how can I put those songs into glogsters or ppt's?

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