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How can I help a LAC pupil moving to a new placement?

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by julietsherratt, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. Hi Loony Tunes
    Im no expert but you can have my suggestions for what they are worth.
    • Social story about what is going to happen to prepare him, including the facts that you have.
    • Let him know you will be available for him so he knows someone is a constant during the transition period.
    • Perhaps have some 1:1 time each day if he wants it to talk about what happening
    • Suggest a journal that he writes at home or at school to get his feelings out. He wouldn't have to show it to you.
    • Try to establish a relationship with his new foster family ASAP, perhaps inviting them in to meet you and let your pupil show them round and introduce them to you.
    • Be prepared that his feelings may come out in his behaviours rather than his words and have a plan of how to cope if this happens eg is there somewhere he can take himself, who will he be with?
    Hope this helps a bit.Just saw there were no replies yet so thought I'd chip in. Good luck.
  2. Loony tunes

    Loony tunes New commenter

    Thanks for your reply Juliet. It was really useful and have given me lots to think about.

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