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How Can I Get My Pupil's Composing Music?

Discussion in 'Music' started by TomMatthias, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. TomMatthias

    TomMatthias New commenter

    The biggest challenge for the music curriculum in schools is giving teachers the confidence to teach children how to compose music, especially on tuned instruments. Consequently, I decided to create my 'Water Music' resource. This is an extremely easy resource to use and has produced some beautiful compositions and outstanding performances from the children in my classes. It can be used in a single lesson when introducing Debussy, impressionism and the pentatonic scale or can be used in a series of lessons to produce larger scale compositions in preparation for a major performance.

    The children will discover how Debussy was inspired by water before using the pentatonic scale to compose and perform their own compositions that portray a journey of water in the impressionistic style of Debussy on keyboards or tuned percussion.

    After a brief introduction to Debussy, his compositional style and the pentatonic scale, the children will get the opportunity to listen to four excerpts of Debussy's piano music. Depending on the children's age, they can either use the supplementary worksheet to write about how Debussy has used the elements of music to portray either calm or rapid water or this can simply be a discussion.

    The children will use the 'Calm' and 'rapid' pentatonic motifs sheet and incorporate these, as well as their own, into a composition for keyboard or tuned percussion that portrays the journey of water. Children can work alone or as a duet, which can then be turned into a whole class performance where one group's composition blends into another.

    The children will be given the opportunity to perform, listen to other group's performances and appraise each other's performances. They can also be given the opportunity to create a graphic score to represent the journey of water depicted in their compositions.


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