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How big are seatbelts on Ryanair?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by mongus, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Sorry Fluffy - making you sound very french (hehe)
  2. I flew with Ryanair last week and returned yesterday. We were unable to pre book seats and it was first come first served re seat allocation. On the way out I sat between a very large couple, I think they had hoped to have the three seats between them. They did take up the entire seat and I did feel tiny between them! They both wore the standard seat belt which did up below their tummy, across the top of their legs, and they had no problem doing this. In fact when we landed the gentleman had forgotten to re fasten his belt and the air hostess glanced down at him but didn't question him; his wife laughed saying that the air hostess must have assumed the belt was 'under his belly'.
    If Mr Mongus wants to sit away from his pupils I doubt this will be a problem, we went as a group of five and ended up sitting dotted all over the plane simply because it was very full.
    Good luck!
  3. One thing I remember about Ryan air in Feb was that the seats were plastic and scooped (bit like mac Donalds)and were not very comfy (rectanglar padded bit?) He might not find it comfy, we were lucky and had four seats to ourselves and I couldn't lie across them at all. Can you go online and check. I know they are a nightmare to get hold of on the phone, premium rate numbers spring to mind and lots of holding. Even if he doesn't sit with them you will have a lovely time!!!

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