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How best to deliver ICT in PE

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by GregHarper, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Hi, I am writing a paper on the use of ICT in Physical Education. I am arguing that a teacher's beliefs as to how to teach physical education will reflect how they use ICT.

    E.g. a behaviourist approach to teaching (command style) will lend itself to ICT being used in a reciprocal manner.

    a constructivist approach to teaching will lend itself to ICT being used as a tool to build on social interactions between pupils. As constructivists believe this is how we learn best.

    Opinions??? Any response would be extremely helpful to my paper

    Thank you
  2. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    Load of rubbish.
    If I get to the National Finals I may film them and play it back like Fabio Capello.
    But for some of my pupils who can't even catch, the idea of watching themselves drop the ball would be enough to put them off PE for life.
    Although I do read that stopwatches are a use of ICT in PE. So I do use ICT!
  3. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    Basically what you have all described is the use of a video filming communiucation device to magically capture footage and then play back at a later date.
    Fine for filming a performance or match. But other subjects do the same - lets film a poetry reading, Geography field trip etc. Hardly warrants a disucssion on ICT in PE.
    As said Dartfish is lovely but in a class of 30 you ain't got time for everyone to have a proper go. The pupil knows themselves if they've done it right or not. It's PE, not the Olympics. What is with our obsession of fine-tuning every bit of a performance - leave that to the gym clubs (which if you have one in school feel free to use Dartfish and other gizmos).
  4. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    They perform, I watch, I feedback straight away and tell them how to improve.
    None of this peer feedback rubbish, I'm the teacher, it's up to me to help them improve.
    Video is lovely but sometimes you have to wonder whether it is worth faffing about setting up all this equipment in expense of activity time.
    It has been found that for a 60 min gym session kids are active for only 8 mins. This figure will be even less with silly ICT ideas. My lot learn by performing many times over again, fine tuning their performance each time. They have a lot more than 8 mins.
  5. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    Exactly. Let them practice it 20 times, then give feedback, watch another 20, then give more feedback etc. Not practice it once, spend 5 minutes watching the playback, then waiting 10 minutes for another go.
  6. Of course. But always with limited results - because individuals have different amounts of ability...
    Am I on the right thread?

  7. well id rather talk about ability than ICT,,,,so yes!!!
  8. cardelle

    cardelle New commenter

    Wow to see that people are only using stop watches as an ICT resource is shocking. In todays world where technology is on the increase - teachers need to be moving with this. I'm gutted i've only just seen this post! wish i saw it sooner. But if a teacher is only using a stop watch 1. why are you using that? How dated is your teaching methods? Leave the stop watches for sports day, or if your timing them. 2. To rubbish what was said, displays your ignorance for education and the engagement, motivation and increase of performance students acquire through ICT. and 3. You tailor your methods on delivery when using ICT and you know your class. For example you wouldn't pick to working towards student instead you would chose a more able OR a confident pupil - which requires you to get to know your students prior to using ICT. To just rubbish what was said is astonishing. Dear Lord. To know there are still PE teachers that resemble KES PE teacher is upsetting!

    I'm doing something similar with research and field reports in the idea that ICT can enhance engagement and performance in PE along with aiding teaching :)
  9. I totally agree that the use of ICT enhances performance in PE. ICT should be used across a scheme of work in various forms and is actually threaded though the PE assessment. My staff are all encouraged to show students You tube clips of performances as starter activities, use flip cameras in all activities so students get an instant picture of their performance ( great for non doers) , use power point to facilitate homework. I am a big fan of the Kandle software which allows you to compare and contrast perfromances and even the de ja vue that can be set up in the corner of the sports hall and students perform and then analyse their performance. We now have a hard drive where wekeep all video evidence from each sporting activity we do. We level all of the activities we record, we then use the clips to show students performances at each level or examples of skills that need improving etc. It also helps when SLT want to do work scrutinies as ours is there visually to see!
    Each term we take pictures of students within pe lessons and put them on display- kids love looking at what they have done and its great for visitors to see in school.
    I would actually say that PE teachers who cant demonstrate use of ICT within a scheme of work are not likely to gain outstanding judgements. There is more to ict than a stop watch!
  10. stopwatch

    stopwatch Established commenter

    A Stopwatch gets utilised in every one of my lessons without fail [​IMG]

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