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How are you doing Baseline Assessment - new eyfs

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Crownie13, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Hi

    Would it be possible to email me a copy for my Reception class.

    Thank you

  2. hi Lilyput
    please could you send me an email with your tracking including the 22-36 mnths
  3. That's what we are going to use - just wondered if anybody had set up a plan of ACTION!!
  4. Hi there,
    Am really interested to see what you are using. Am trying to get my head around the assessment side of things.
    My e mail is

  5. spectra75

    spectra75 New commenter

    hi ive emailed to lot people , i cant remember now who i have and who i havent[​IMG]
    if you click on my name , and then the resource ive added you can download it
  6. I'd be most grateful if you could also send me the grid. Very many thanks
  7. This resource for assessment using new EYFS is brilliant.I am doing something very similar but my DH is not happy that I will not be able to give her any numbers! I am more than happy to show progression through Reception using DM and emerging/expected/ exceeding categories, but she wants to crunch numbers and put them into whole school context.
    Does anyone else have this sort of pressure from SLT and if so what do you do? Any thoughts gratefully accepted.
  8. Gather from my head that the profile is now out, but he hadn't looked at it so far. However he did find us a Child Development Assessment Grid, sorry I don't know where from, praise be he is one of those heads that takes a problem by its teeth and helps to sort it for us. But may be put the title into google and see what come out, it is a comprehensive spreadsheet grid that you can put the children's names into and has every point on it, ALL 126!! LES PAPERWORK I DON'T THINK SO.

    Get back to me if you have problems and I will try and find out where he got it from.

  9. I'd be grateful if you could email me a copy. My address is br0wn@sky.com .Thanks x
  10. Thanks ditchingham!
    I;ve been searching for this - it sounds like just what my DH wants (just as long as she doesn't want me to fill it in!). I have pm'd you as i can't find it anywhere.
  11. Hi Please could you send me a copy of the documents you have produced! Looks like they have been in high demand . . . well done you for sharing! Thank you in advance
    email is: cfindlay8nr9@nsix.org.uk
  12. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    We've been asked to put data onto SIMS which is what the rest of the school do. The SMT love SIMS because they can do lots of tracking and analysis.
    Apparently, when we did the e-profile, it made things tricky because each class had the e-profile for our own class on our own computers and couldn't combine the data or see each other's data. We had to put PDFs of the termly results onto the school network, but there wasn't really anyway for SMT to track progression.
    I've no idea how SIMS would work in Reception. We're going on a course that our LEA are running, but that's not until November.
  13. It doesn't really - as far as I know. But for an alternative to e-profile that doesn't run on individual laptops (i.e. everyone can share data) you could use Pupil Asset - supports old and new EYFSs
  14. Hi would be interested in a copy. Many thanks. Hewittandrea@sky.com
  15. Hi,
    Could I possibly have a copy of your grids, am just in the process of doing the same thing especially with the 22-36 mths as we need baseline for Nursery. Hope this isn't too cheeky. My email is marciewebb@hotmail.com
    Thank you
  16. Hi we use these sheets from nursery through to Reception and in September they are moving up to Year 1 as part of the children's transition. I've uploaded them onto the site. Or click on my name to get to them. I'm hoping to get an excel sheet sorted for tracking but haven't had the time yet!!!

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