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How are you doing Baseline Assessment - new eyfs

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Crownie13, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if you could e-mail the assessment grids to me as I can't open them (doc.x) as have old version!!
    The comments have been so positive so thanks again for your hard work.
    Lilly 1

  2. Hi Lilyput,
    Yep, I quite understand your concern, with OFSTED due - that's why I contacted 'the powers that be' - just in case they descend on us too!
    It's all very well for the Dept. for Ed.to give us some freedom in our assessments but, as we've agreed, OFSTED will want to see 'value added' still...and, therefore, a form of tracking like the one you've put together seems advisable. I'm tempted to use the old profile sheet, minus the numbers, to highlight the fact that we're not really any further forward!
    Will be interested to see how things develop...
    In the meantime, hope all goes well with OFSTED.
  3. I've just looked at the grids you have added to resources lilyput and I just wanted to say a big thank you - they are so helpful :)
    Thank you
  4. Thanks Lilyput. I will PM my e mail address so that you can pass them on to me.
    I really appreciate your hard work!
  5. Can I jump on the bandwagon and ask for you to email me a copy of your grids for nurser please. I have an older version and have not been able to open them. Many thanks.
  6. Hi lolkilbride
    I have sent them to you in an older word format so I hope you can open them (and they are useful).
  7. Hi Lilyput, your reports sound amazing, would you be able to email me a copy as well. I am new to teaching reception this year so need all the help I can get. clairead@hotmail.com

    Thanks so much
  8. Dear Lilyput,
    Would it be possible for you to email them to me too? I have a Reception class starting in September and any paperwork and documents would be really helpful.
    Thank you,
  9. Hi everyone
    I have sent you the sheets.
  10. Lesley3122
    I will look at the evidence gained from observing and working with the children (some of which may be written down and collected as 'hard' evidence and the rest will be professional judgement) and then highlight the DMs that refer to what I have seen and know children can do. I do not cross reference evidence but if anyone wanted to follow it through (eg Ofsted), I can find it because I put the hard evidence in date order in a file and will be highlighting the DMs in a different colour each half term until our LEA has produced the program they have told us should be ready in January.
    Hope that helps.
  11. Hi Lilyput,
    I also love the grids you have come up with, very handy for an nqt starting in nursery in September :)
    Could I be cheeky and ask that whenever you have a copy for the 22-36 month bracket, could you email it to me?
    Thanks :)
  12. Hi Lilyput, your reports sound great, would you be able to email me a copy as well. My email id is coco.curly@yahoo.com
    Thank you
  13. Hiya Lily,
    I only started in Early Years last year and now they have changed everything! Is there any chance I could have a look at your baseline assessment sheets please as I don't know what to assess first? My EYFS partner wants to assess all of 30-50 months on every section as well as look at 40-60 but I think that is far too much work and how would we be able to assess every child on all this within three week? :(
    Thank you so much
    Kate x
  14. Hey Lily,
    Im so sorry to jump on the bandwagon but could you possibly email to me being a very confused and nervous NQT starting on Monday.
    Thank you x
  15. Hi Lily,
    I would also really like a copy please. I've tried to find them in the resource bank but to no avail.
    My e mail is bev.benyon@hotmail.co.uk
    Thanks so much in advance :)
  16. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    Gosh kate i dont think you could, also you shouldnt even assess in the first couple as the childfen will just be settling in and those who are shy and not comfortable will not show you there true ability. We dont assess till the end of the 3rd or 4th week. Although obs within this time from your activities you will have some knowledge.
    This is where pips aspects was good as it assessed via a computer program for you.
    Have a look in the resource bank as there is some good on entry assessment stuff there as well.

  17. What a fantastic document! THANK YOU so much for taking the time and doing it! I was wondering if you could email the document you created for the 22-36 months? Emails: its_jenna_marshall@yahoo.co.uk
    Thank you :)
  18. Hi your documents for FS2 would be really useful. please could you e mail me a copy
    thank you

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