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How are you doing Baseline Assessment - new eyfs

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Crownie13, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. really sorry, but i can't open then either.
    Could you send them please.
    Thank you
  2. Hi! I'm having no luck downloading your grids either. Please would you e-mail me a copy - spotthedog100@hotmail.com . Thank you!!
  3. You both have mail.
  4. Hi Lilyput
    I can't open them either. Is there any chance you can send them direct to me please.
    Many thanks
  5. Hi,
    Sorry to bother you in your precious summer holls, but I am very interested to see your ideas for baseline. I can't however seem to find them! Could you point me in the right direction?
    Thanks, Izzie
  6. Just realised that you are emailing them, if you get a chance could you please send them on to me too? Thanks
    izzie_freer@hotmail.co.uk :)
  7. Dear Louise,
    Thank you so much for sharing what you have gained from your course- is it possible to see the simple tracking sheets or are they confidential to you who attended the course? Completely understand if so. To see them would help,
    thank you kindly,
  8. Hi Liliput,
    everyone in our EY dept loved your resources too. Did you use all the DM statements on these sheets or just key ones?
    We would like to do one that starts in Nursery and follows them through to Reception, did you ever put 22-36 months on your original grid?

    Thank you so much, after hours of trawling through info and grids yours came as a kind of Holy Grail and it all made sense!

  9. Hi Lilyput
    I too have been trying to access the grids and I cannot open them either. Please would you be able to send me a copy of the grids at joe.bloggs941@gmail.com Much appreciated [​IMG]
  10. Hi Lily

    I am a NQT and I am trying to get my head around the new EYFS and trying to think of ways to carry out baselines assessments, I see you have prdouced some grids would I be able to have a look at them to see how you have approached it? My email is jo_jo101@hotmail.co.uk

    Many Thanks

  11. yellowflower

    yellowflower Occasional commenter

  12. Lily

    Just wanted to say thank you for the grids, an excellent piece of work that must have taken you ages. For me its to decide which ones to use. I've been given a grid (a bit like the old profile grid we used to blow up to A3 and highlight) Wondering whether to use that to have a complete overview or now use yours which are clearer and in more detail. The other question I have and we are expecting OFSTED too (maybe we should ask them!?) is if a child completes the 40-60 because they as a 5 yr old they should, where will we go next? With the old profile it took your bright ones to reach 8s/9s. Do you think you'll be moving onto using APP? Obviously \i'm talking spring/summer terms... Sorry for the long message!
    Thanks again for your hard work.
  13. Heh,
    Just wanted to say thank-you for sharing your hard work with everybody. Your documents really seem to hit the nail on the head , when we yet again are failing to get any real guidance at either national or local level. I really liked your document on the charactersitics of effective learning becasuse at the end of the day, we want our children to be engaged in quality learning through their play and interactions. We are all foundering around a bit in terms of how we should be assessing and tracking progress this year. We should bear in mind that the Government is saying that they want to reduce the quantity of assessment we have to do. At the moment it doesnt actually feel that way to me! I went on an EYFS briefing where we were told that the LA had no answers for us in terms of recording assessments other than to continue with our observations! Anyway, thanks again! :)
  14. Hi everyone
    Sorry for the delay in emailing you - been away! Anyway, hopefully you have all got mail.
  15. Tigerlily
    I copied all the DM statements from 30-50 and 40-60 onto the sheets. I have been on holiday but will be making another copy with the 22-36 months statements on so I will email them to you once I have done them. I am really glad everyone has found them helpful.
  16. Hi. I'm new to Nursery this year and would be very grateful if you could email the assessment grids to me please. kerryeseddon@hotmail.com
  17. Having read parts of this post yesterday and read info. on the web today (including the following - The development statements
    and their order are not necessary steps for every child and should not be used
    as checklists.)
    <font face="Times New Roman" size="3">, I </font>phoned OFSTED this afternoon, who promptly passed me on to the Dept. for Ed!
    There, a pleasant lady explained that none of the new EYFS documentation states any need for a 'baseline assessment'. I commented that OFSTED may well require this in order to check pupils' progress, and was advised that they could not demand it!
    She also explained that the old profile was never intended as a tool for formative assessment but, because of the 'points system', it lent itself to being used in this way. The 'points system' has been removed from the new profile to prevent this happening again and the old profile withdrawn in an effort to acknowledge that we, as professionals, can carry out formative assessment as we wish - whichever way our school sees fit. She did allude to Development Matters and, when I asked her how this was cutting paperwork (one of the purposes of the new curriculum!) since the Development Matters statements are pretty much a repeat of the old profile, she repeated that we are free to carry out our own methods of on-going assessments!
    During the conversation I mentioned how frustrating it is when L.A. advisors, OFSTED and/or the Dept. for Ed. contradict one another to which she replied that the Dept. for Ed. is aware of this and has notified OFSTED of the changes to the Early Years Curriculum.... We'll see...!
    Anyway, the bottom line is that the guidelines we are still awaiting will not address how we carry out formative assessment but only the end of year EYFS Profile summative assessment.
    Sorry, I don't expect this post is of any help to anyone - I guess I just needed to get it off my chest! Whilst it's good to know that the Dept. for Ed. wishes to give us some freedom in the way we assess - in recognition of the fact that we are professionals - I just can't help feeling that OFSTED may not be so accommodating!
  18. Hello Colonia
    Firstly, I agree with everything you say and it is really good to know that there should be some clarification coming. However, until that day comes and with Ofsted due I needed something to help me clarify where my new children would be on the new EFYS on entry in September.
    We did get the same mixed message at our update in May where the LEA gave us cross referencing sheets (like the old look listen and note sheets) to complete until an online tracking system is up and running in January (sounds like that already contradicts what you have been told). I decided that this was unnecessary but still feel that I need something for reference. I have 30 children in my class with very differing abilities and no full time TA so wanted something quick and easy to help me plan for next steps. I made the grid to help me familiarise myself with the new statements and also to use as a reference for when Ofsted come (they were due 6 months ago). I will also be using it for coverage of the DMs for planning.
    In an ideal world we would not be subject to any of this uncertainty and although I have never been one to collect lots of evidence a quick highlighting system does help me to see where the gaps in children's knowledge and experiences are and so I can then plan for them.
    It will be interesting though when our LEA announces that the online system is running how often they want it updating! I will let everyone know what happens with that and Ofsted!

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