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Housework etc. Who does it?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Chica77, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Haha same here, although to be honest I never really did ironing before, except for things that desperately needed ironing! My husband does iron his own shirts for work, because when I try to iron them they just look even more messy!
    I work 0.5 and I do pretty much everything. My husband does shift work, and when he's on lates (leaves the house after 12) I still take our son to the childminder at 7:30 as hubby doesn't drive. I sometimes get back after a day at work, to be on my own with our son all evening, to find that no housework has been done at all! So, he gets a lie in, gets ready in peace, and when he gets home our son is fed, bathed and in bed and I am shattered, and he gets to chill out. Grrrr.
    He is good at cooking though, although I seem to do it more often. I do ALL the washing and putting clothes away, most of the shopping (as I drive and he doesn't), mainly do the dishwasher and general cleaning. If i want him to do stuff I have to ask him!! I think it just doesn't occur to him sometimes, because if I ask him to do something he will.
  2. The only thing that gets ironed in our house is OHs work shirts and he does them himself. I once ironed a shirt for him and did such a bad job he never asked again!
  3. me, washing clothes, loading/unloading dishwasher
    OH - hoover, putting bins out
    everything else we share.
  4. I am v lucky as my OH does lots, but he does have cleaning related OCD I think so he likes things done 'just so'! He works full time as a teacher and I am currently on mat leave with a 4 month old.
    He washes and normally irons too, partly because he wants mad things like muslins and boxers ironed which I wouldn't bother with! If we are home in the day and LO naps (this is rare!) then I will get the ironing done. I shop (sometimes online) and cook and he washes up and puts away. I do the general cleaning, dusting, hoovering, cleaning the bathroom etc but to be fair it doesn't get done very often! He often cooks the roast on a Sunday.
    Where I think he differs from most blokes is that he hates DIY and practical stuff, so either I have a go at it or he gets someone in to do it! As I'm on mat leave, I do all the fiddly little jobs like sorting out birthday presents and cards for both sides of the family, picking up the dry cleaning and so on. Also, as I'm breast feeding at the mo and LO won't take a bottle, the whole of LO's feeding is down to me which doesn't give me masses of flexibility to do stuff in the evening when she often cluster feeds.
  5. I'm on mat leave at the moment and do pretty much everything. I hate ironing and will iron the odd shirt he needs doing, but his MIL offered to do some once so now I give her all his stuff. We used to have me cook and him wash up but for the past age he's not bothered with washing up so it gets left to me (and I often, horror of horrors, leave it til morning). He is supposed to do the 'blokey' things like sort the bins out but I end up doing that too. was thinking of just making us assign jobs and get them done!

    My MIL will be looking after LO 2 days a week in our house when i go back to work, and initially I dreaded the odea of her doing odd jobs round the house cos she;'d think me slovenly, but now I'll just be so grateful to get stuff done! We'[re often away visiting my folks / friends at the weekend so not a lot gets done then. I find it a real pain getting stuff done with LO needing more entertaining these days.
  6. Thanks for all your replies! After reading these, my initial thoughts are 'forget the ironing!'
    OH did apologise and now does his own ironing! Not sure if I mentioned him in the OP saying 'Well, in effect, you are a housewife for two days of the week.' [​IMG]
    Quite like the idea of a cleaner once a fortnight. How much is the going rate, and how long would you ask them to come for?

  7. As a single mum - everything!

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