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Housepoints - How do you do it?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Mincepies, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. My school has four houses - we collect house points each week and children get certficates for 100, 150 etc housepoints.
    Probelms arise with recording, collecting and bigging up housepoints to make it worthwhile and fair. we have kids who cheat by adding onto their individual charts and kids who forget, plus teachers who forget.
    I want to revamp next year. Does anyone have any really successful house/team point strategies ththat they use that work?
  2. We have 4 houses so 4 charts on the wall in each class. Each child collects for the whole house, not themselves. They put up their house points and they are counted each Friday. I have a chart with 10x10 squares on it for the week and the children put a cross in a square when they get a house point. Some teachers with less reliable kids make them initial in the box so they can see who's putting them up! No prizes, the head reads out the scores each week in assembly and the children clap the winners. They love it!
  3. Think this is a really good way of doing it, am going to try it next year. Thanks
  4. DeeDog

    DeeDog New commenter

    We have four housees, each class has an A3 house point chart split into the four sections with childrens names on. Every Friday Year 6 prefects go orund and collect the charts and add them all up.
    In our Monday assembly the Head announces who has won that week, the house captain comes and places the houses ribbon onto the cup.
    At the end of every term, the overall winning house (most points throughout the term) have an extra play with some equipment.
    We also have a house point dispay in he hall, where the points are shown as a line graph over the term.

    Hope the all make sense!
  5. I had to keep a designated housepoint pen in a really obscure colour in my desk and only accept housepoints marked in that colour cos of all the cheating one year :(
  6. We used to have a sort of lottery rolling machine showing numbers of housepoints on the projector in the hall each week. think it was something we downloaded either off Fiery ideas or Brenden who used to post on here It added to the excitement of assembly
  7. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    We have four house too. Each class has it's own way of recording points, in mine I hand out cards on which the children write the reason for receiving the housepoint which is then stored in their "pocket" on the wall ( a behaviour chart with cards for treats/warnings and consequences) The yr 6 prefects count up the points from each class and add them together,the Head then announces the results in friday assembky. Each term the house with the most team points gets a non uniform day and extra playtime on the llast day.
  8. My children have a Merit Book, they earn merits (eg good work, behaviour, being helpful etc etc)and get stamp or sticker in their book. When they have 10 merits they then receive a point for their House in Merit Assembly. House captains count up the merits before Assembly and the House with the most merits gets extra 10 minutes of play that week. We also have a Merit Cup for end of term prizegiving, House with the most merits throughout the year 'win' this and receive certificate. When child has 10 merits I just initial their books and they are ready to start collecting next 10. Kids love the competitive element and the extra play.

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