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House Staff working hours

Discussion in 'Independent' started by RachaelM75, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    Just really would like an idea of how rotas/time off/ and working hours are in other schools. I am House Mother, and my normal rota is:

    0715-1115 1530-2000 Monday to Thursday finish at 1900 on a Friday.

    Weekends are then done by rota. For example, this term which is 11 weeks long, I'll have worked 3 Saturdays, 1 Sunday (0800-1900), and 4 Friday 'night' duties 1900-2300. I am on duty every single overnight 2300-wake up. I am also the only House Staff member who is on site overnight.

    Also in my 'team' are two Assistants who work 0715-1000, 1145-1330/1430 and 1630-1900/2100 (roughly). They are also on a rota for working Sat/Sun. I also have a Night Advisor, who works 1630-2300 Mon-Thurs, every 3rd Sat 0800-1900 and every Sunday 0800-2300.

    The teaching staff have a rota for working weekends and Saturday night duty.

    I currently have 20 children in the boarding house, from 1900 on a Fri/Sat & Sun evening there is only 1 member of staff on duty.

    I find it odd that as HouseMother, I dont work the majority of weekends, and its the same for the rest of the housestaff.

    The school was set up, and is still run by the same people 40years ago. It started with 8 pupils, currently has 80 (age 4-14), and I dont think much has changed from the early days! It will be under new management from September, and I would like to implement some changes, but would like an idea of how it works in other schools!

    Where I worked before was slightly different, in that all housestaff lived in, and we had blocks of time off during the week, ie Wed lunchtime to midnight Thursday, and so worked all weekend.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    When I was a housemaster (going back 10 years now) the Monday-Thursday hours were 4pm to 8am, divided between myself (2 days), my live-in assistant (1 day) and a member of the day staff who did a sleep-over on the fourth day. Boys were not normally allowed back in the house outside of these hours.
    The weekend rota (4pm Friday to 8am Monday) was 4 weekends per term for me, 2 for the assistant, and 2 for the sleepover member of the day staff (the remaining weekends being exeats or half terms, where cover was rarely required). The popularity of weekly boarding was so great, that weekend duties were really very light, but of course someone had to be there, especially to get everyone to chapel on a Sunday morning.
    This was in a house of 60 boys, aged 13-18, with a matron and assistant matron, one of whom was on duty in the evenings and early mornings, providing invaluable support in getting the younger boys settled and properly cleaned and uniformed! We also had a nursing sister (shared between two houses) who was on call at pretty much anytime needed (I think one of the matrons deputised for her if she was not on site).
  3. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    Mrs FG (who worked as a matron for a time when I was housemaster) says I have misremembered part of this. While I did 2 days a week, the member of the day staff slept over for only one day a fortnight, so the assistant housemaster did 3 days a fortnight (2 in one week, and 1 the next week).
    From the hours quoted, it looks to me from their hours that the OP's "assistants" are people who would be described as matrons in most boarding schools. I have no idea what a "night advisor" is, though - it sounds slightly sinister!
  4. Thanks,

    So what happened in the morning, and evening? You said you only worked 4-8pm?

    Am not sure where 'night advisor' came from! But he basically works Mon-Thurs after school until 2300, then every 3rd Sat, and every Sunday.
  5. Oh and we are nearing the end of an 11 week term with no exeat or half term!
  6. Think FG said 4pm to 8 AM.......hence mornings covered!
    The only school I have worked in as house staff had a system of time off in the week and then all working weekends and always at least 2 people sleeping in the house. There were extra staff who came and slept one night a week in a spare room sometimes.
  7. Ah yes! Indeedy he did say 4pm - 8am! Totally missread that!

  8. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    Is this a boarding school or a prison?

  9. Believe me, I wonder the same thing myself on a daily (if not hourly!) basis!!!

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