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Hours of work?

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by mrkeys, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. mrkeys

    mrkeys Occasional commenter

    When I moved form HOF to AST my work load dropped but my pay didn't!
    Just because a work email comes though on your phone does not mean you have to act on it.
    Set your email to auto out of office when you do not wish to respond.You are entitled to a life, and if you have a partner/family they are entitled to you as well.
    However the 1265 will not apply, and as you will be paid on leadership you could be directed to do lunch duty.
    I did not think AST roles were going to expand so may be mistaken. (I am no longer in that role)
  2. I am a standard class teacher in primary and this sounds equal to my workload, so for the money you'll be on, I wouldn't worry too much.

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