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Hot and cold tasks in KS1

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by janie11, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. janie11

    janie11 New commenter

    I teach y1 and have been told that we have to do cold and hot tasks when we teach from now on. The maths coordinator says we have to prove that children are making progress and books dont show enough evidence of progress and that I cant prove a child didnt know something before it was taught with the evidence available. My teacher judgement will not be accepted as she needs to see it in books etc. The cold task must be something the children have not done before and without help (in books) and then another 1 or 2 tasks in the books to show progress and then the same task again (the hot task) at the end of the teaching which should show progress. The cold and hot task must be quality marked with next steps etc. I am really struggling with this. I teach Y1 and so many activities are practical so how do I evidence this in books and I really dont want to be taking photos of every child and annotating as this will be so time consuming with 30 children every day every week! Last week I taught measure, we did comparing length and height , moved on to measuring objects using non standard units etc .We follow the Hamilton trust scheme and also I ensure I include deeper learning tasks for my more able children from the maths hub etc/nrich/nctem and so on. If I am to now include cold tasks this means I need to do a cold task for length, one for height, then teach etc then re-do the task, then do the same for measuring objects using cubes etc as I wouldnt teach both things in one lesson. This means teaching will take longer over the normal allocated time, to fit in the extra assessment sessions, I am moving on to capacity soon and I am trying to find a way of introducing this but I really feel I am going down the worksheet route to get that paper evidence for books, which isnt something I want to do, unless others have other ideas. If I do a cold task and a child achieves it straight away what is the point of them redoing it again? My planning is progressive, Hamilton trust is progressive, I often tweak activities as some can be dry and sometimes I take it slower or faster depending on my class. My children all make progress. My lesson observations have never been less than good with outstanding or outstanding. Yet I have to prove that my children are making progress in books or it doesnt count. Yet in the next breath they are saying dont use worksheets!!! keep it active and fun. I was told a few children are getting too much right. I have some high ability children and I do stretch them. When I set tasks they work steadily and thoughtfully and use apparatus and need some input from me but then get their challenge correct. This means they arent being challenged enough as to really be challenged they would get it wrong. Apparently too many ticks is wrong, too few ticks is wrong and Im assuming there is an optimum amount of acceptable ticks! I know if a child is struggling and how to find a challenge for them. I know that my HA gps really are challenged with word problems and deeper learning tasks. At the end of a lesson I can see they have had to think but its hasnt been so easy they have whizzed through it. I now feel unsure where to go next. If getting it wrong is the way to show they are being challenged it seems crazy. But I am willing to accept I am not a maths specialist and I may not understand this properly and I would appreciate some guidance here. I just dont know where to start with this new way of approaching teaching. How are other schools doing this?
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  2. carriecat10

    carriecat10 Established commenter Community helper

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