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Host teachers haven't been filling in observation sheets regularly. Stressed!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by caughtupinachaosofbooks, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. caughtupinachaosofbooks

    caughtupinachaosofbooks New commenter

    I’m coming towards the end of my placement and I have just realised that I do not have many lesson observation sheets completed as what was expected! I have just been focussing on my teaching practice that I have completely put aside my Developmental Record/Evidence for my PGCE. I thought I’d do some of it during Christmas holidays and catch up, but it seems that I need more observations completed! I feel so stressed out now, although my mentor has sent out a request to my host teachers if they could do some feedback.

    To be honest, I thought I had a fair amount of observation sheets until my tutor came in and checked everything! Panicked!

    I accept that I have been a bit lazy with getting the teachers to fill them sheets in, but also some of the host teachers were not always keen to fill one in. I am quite worried! I need to really push for it during second placement - but I’m not sure how. Does anyone have any tips on how I can manage to compile my evidence/records/observations alongside focussing on teaching/planning?

    Although my tutor was very pleased with my planning & delivery, I am worried about the evidence that might pull me down in the future - during the next placement. Help??!!

    This placement has been great overall, even though, I did see a bit of unprofessionalism from one teacher. But I really don’t care about that.
  2. saluki

    saluki Lead commenter

    As soon as you get into placement arrange you first observation. Once that is done and dusted plan the dates for following obs e.g 1st feb 28th feb 14th March. Feedback forms to be completed for each obs. My mentor was responsible for all of that. I'm not quite sure what a host teacher is.
    From memory I think we had to incorporate our standards into our lesson plans.
  3. DerbyshireLad

    DerbyshireLad New commenter

    In my experience, teachers are fine with giving feedback. To begin with I felt bad asking them to fill in another bit of paperwork, but as they get so much one extra sheet every couple of weeks isn’t a big deal!

    But as they’ll have loads of things to think about, you have to take responsibility for asking them. And make it as easy as possible, e.g.:
    * send an electronic copy of the form if they prefer to do it on a laptop, or print a sheet for them if they prefer to do it by hand.
    * print a copy of the teacher standards if they need to refer to them (maybe consider laminating a copy for the purpose).
    * give them a copy of your lesson plan to look at, and offer to send it in advance if they want you to.
    And make it clear if an observation is for your evidence. Every teacher who observes you will have been through the same thing themselves, so most will be happy to help, especially if they know it’s an important one.
  4. PersianCatLady

    PersianCatLady Occasional commenter

    Why were you surprised with the number of lesson observation sheets that you have for this term?

    Surely you have been contacting the class teachers to ask them to carry out an observation for you in advance?

    Also, if the teacher who has agteed to observe you does not have a copy of the observation sheet then you shoudl have some blank sheets to hand to them.

    I cannot believe that your mentor has contacted other teachers to ask them to carry out observations for you. As an NQT, you will be expected to organise yourself and part of that would be organising your own observations.

    Also a word of advice, I would be very careful talking about unprofessional behaviour when you are less than perfect yourself.
    CWadd and bajan like this.
  5. CWadd

    CWadd Star commenter

    "I have been a bit lazy"

    Right. Good for you in admitting that - don't let it slip on the next placement. Paperwork is a grind, but it needs to be done.

    "Some of the host teachers were not keen to fill them in."

    Were they not keen, or was it that you asked them at inopportune times? Or was it that you were standing there and they felt uncomfortable, especially if they had to fill in things you might not have liked?

    "I did see a bit of unprofessionalism from one teacher."

    What were they doing? Snogging a pupil? Helping plagiarise an essay? Giving out their phone number to their form? Swearing in class?

    If its any of these, you reported it...right?

    If it isn't, be very careful. @PersianCatLady is spot on - a sure fire way to get people's backs up in schools is when someone whose barely done a term - and on a placement, you're not even doing a full week - starts passing judgement on someone else.
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