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horrible experience

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by japonicabean, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. I had a horrible experience in previous job, left a while back and am now doing other bits and pieces. I have found a job that I would love to apply for but am scared....that is the truth I am scared to do it because of what happened last time. I know looking back now I was bullied and just decided to resign because the going was really tough and it was making me physically ill. I have heard through a third party that a previous SLT member has been telling others about how bad I was, which was not true I never had a bad lesson obs etc...I did have some time off as I was really ill and in ITU. I have been gone a while now...but it really bugs me that this person is still having an affect on me, my confidence and possibly my future career, I have one new referee, but this person will still be a referee and I feel that my confidence is still being undermined by this situation. How do I put it all behind me? Any advice would be truely appreciated
  2. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    Unless they were the head at your last post you don't have to use them. It is natural to be scared and to be honest that feeling will carry on for quite a while. Go for this new job and I hope you get it. If your feelings are really bad you can ask to be referred for CBT but it will be a long wait.
  3. Thank you so much for your reply.I appreciate it. I have messaged you with a queery[​IMG]
  4. It is unprofessional for the SLT to make comments. If they feel such a need to do this, it is most probably out of guilt and to project the image they need. The way to counter it is to move forward and achieve what you want to achieve. The complete irrelevance of this person's skewed unprofessional outlook will become abundantly clear. By the way what is ITU and CBT?
  5. ITU is intensive therapy unit...scary place in hospital. CBT is cognitive behavioural therapy is sort of reprogramming thinking to a more positive mind set.
    Thank you for your comment - I do feel that you are right but it is hard when that person is seem by some as quite influential. They way they acted throughout was quite unprofessional I wish I had, had the strength to do something about it at the time
  6. The person is really trying to cover their back after what they did to you. I expect they are very influential and that is why they get away with it. Don't blame yourself for not being strong enough at the time. Chances are that any fight you put in would have made it get even worse. You couldn't have done anything about it and it is a poor system that can't support tthose in this profession. If you want to be a teacher- carry on- learn form what happened and you'll prove this unprofessional person is completely wrong.
  7. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    If you don't apply because you cannot forget then in some ways, they have won.
    Go for it. Things can only get better. You may never forget or forgive what was done to you but you may have a very different experience somewhere else so take opportunities if they arise. You will always carry the scars - but scar tissue is very strong).
    (Been there and got the t - shirt- still have flash backs but moving forward all the time).
  8. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    I've replied. Good advice from Nelly.
  9. Thank you everyone - have checked and double checked application and am going to send it off in the morning. Your positivity is catching...[​IMG]
  10. A job I applied for a while back has called offering me an interview...even getting this far is great.
    I also posted application for the other job today. Thank you for all your help I don't know quite how I feel but it is so good to know I am not on my own in this situation.
  11. good luck to you too
  12. didn't get the job, but I am relieved...I am so sure it was not right for me, the whole feel of the school and the actual job itself felt wrong.I actually phoned up to withdraw after the interview to be told no-one had been successful. I am not about to make another mistake and accept something that is not right for me. So back to the supply and hoping that something elso I am comfortable with turns up
  13. Sensible - Better luck next time.

  14. Thank you

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