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Horrible experience in PGCE

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by 54teacher, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. 54teacher

    54teacher New commenter

    Hi all I wanted to ask is it me or teachers can be very horrible during a stressful PGCE.I was bullied by my teacher and she tried to fail me.now I'm very reluctant to apply for posts because she broke my confidence. I feel it was a waste of time but I miss the children they were lovely
  2. Grefintec

    Grefintec New commenter

    My mentor was horrible. I survived because she went on maternity leave towards the end of my placement. I can confirm from my own experience that it is worth applying for jobs and saying no if it does not feel right. I turned down two interviews and when I did get a job it was an amazing experience. I was subsequently approached and offered a job elsewhere. Again working with a great team. Don’t let one person stop you. They aren’t all like that and those that are aren’t worth your time.
  3. phatsals

    phatsals Established commenter

    During my PGCE, I too had a dreadful mentor. Critical, nasty, vile woman. She couldn't fail me so said she wouldn't give me a reference. Passed round a 'Goodbye and Good Luck' card for a temporary staff member who was leaving (male) but wouldn't look at me.

    I spoke with my PGCE course lead who admitted there had been issues before but they thought it was racism. On reflection they realised it was with female trainees, but not males. I put together a clear and coherent account of my experiences alongside her written feedback and feedback from university observations and other school observations. I was, at that time, so distressed I decided teaching wasn't for me, finished the course and went in a different direction for a while.

    At the end of the year she was formally disciplined and removed as mentor.

    I decided to give it another go, started on supply got a job very quickly and never looked back. That was over 20 years ago - don't give up. Don't let a nasty piece of work spoil you're life, you have worked hard for this and have a lot to offer many hundreds of yet-to-be-met children or young people. When you do return, and eventually mentor other trainees, remember your experiences and use them to know what not to do.

    Good luck with your future plans, have a break then give yourself a break and go back to teaching. It's hard but it's still a rewarding profession.
  4. 54teacher

    54teacher New commenter

    Thank you soooo much.i can't tell you how much this supports mean to me. I will apply to a nqt post and see what happens. This is so stupid.it took me over 4 months to even look at adverts, me a grown 43 mature student ,feeling intimidated when i tell my children not to give up. Thank you once again
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  5. phatsals

    phatsals Established commenter

    It isn't stupid, you were in a powerless situation and were bullied by someone who had power - then. You passed your course, you proved yourself. You've licked your wounds and now it's time to move on.

    Go get 'em.
  6. 54teacher

    54teacher New commenter

    Thank you for your support. You realise how much this means to me.
  7. speechcompanyinfo

    speechcompanyinfo New commenter

    WOW - I wonder if the racist mentor that you met, was a similar (or perhaps the same) racist mentor at was infamous at a Welsh University for hating the English? She was removed eventually too.

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