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Hoping someone here has an answer?

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by gigglebert, May 17, 2011.

  1. I've just been asked by my PT to teach an S4 Intermediate One Biology class next year... my degree is straight chemistry and my GTCS registration is for Chemistry with Science. In my opinion I am not qualified to teach an exam level Biology class (however, my English trained PT is of the opinion that as I have Higher Biology I will be fine)... I've contacted the EIS (and waiting for a response) and have also emailed the GTCS but would like some opinions on the matter?

  2. heldon

    heldon Occasional commenter

    all seems to be part of the chip chip chip de-professionalisation of subject expertise

    i think it is very wrong -just my opinion-don't know the rules though
  3. I think you are in the right here gigglebert, I don't think anyone should be being asked to take a subject they are not qualified for at S4+, unless maybe it's part of cpd for registration in a different subject. I think you have implied it yourself that perhaps your PT is getting confused because they were trained in England where this kind of thing is commonplace.
    I am a primary teacher so most definitely not an expert on secondary goings on, but even if someone tells you it's fairly common, I think you are right to be wary.
  4. My thoughts exactly! And makes me wonder why my GTCS registration mentions a subject... also, I have a grade A in Higher English, does that qualify me to go and teach English Int One if they are short of a teacher next year?! Still waiting to hear back from EIS and GTCS but the SNCT Conditions of Service document doesn't make for the best reading 'duties at the direction of the headteacher'...
  5. I reckon you can only do it if you are working towards dual registration.
  6. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

    Say Yes but you reserve your right to use your employer's grievance procedure. Speak to your union for support.
  7. I know a probationer who this year is being required to teach an Int 2 from a different subject - although still within the same faculty. She definitely is not dual qualified and had never even read the arrangements for the course prior to being handed her timetable. She went to the GTCS and they basically told her to get on with it.
  8. And here's me doing a part time qualification in French with the OU because the GTCS wont let me teach it without it. Double standards much?
  9. Just received from the EIS:

    At the National AGM in 2010 the following resolution was passed.

    "That this AGM instruct Council to seek assurance from Local Authorities
    that teachers will not be deployed to teach subjects for which they are not
    registered with the GTCS"

    The EIS at national level contacted CEC and asked for their position. Their
    reply is below

    "Edinburgh does not employ teachers to teach subjects for which they are
    not GTCS registered."

    In light of this, the proposal that you teach some biology next year does
    not follow CEC'S stated position. Perhaps you could share this information with
    your PT and suitable alterations made to your proposed timetable.

    Please get back to me if needed

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