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Hope the interview went well, Teacher Jen?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Teacher_Jen, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Thanks joanne2009 it went ok actually. Very scary.
    Waiting to hear back, they said they will let us know tonight!

    I still haven't heard from my pgce courses on gttr or my GTP. So in the same boat as you there!
  2. Oh my god. I just got a phonecall and ive got a place! I can't believe it! It's the 2nd best scitt course in uk and has 100% employment rate!
    It's conditional to me getting a gcse maths c grade though as re taking it atm.
  3. camis

    camis New commenter

    That's brilliant - well done!
  4. Congrats Teacher_Jen!!!!!
  5. Fantastic news, well done!! That's great you've heard so quickly. Good luck with the maths retake [​IMG]
  6. sparkleshine

    sparkleshine New commenter

    That's brilliant, Jen! Well done...that provider must be so quick at getting back to you. I think SCITTs often are.
  7. Well done Jen! I am chuffed to bits for you! Did you get any feedback at all? Any words of wisdom for us who are still prepping in the hope of an interview?
  8. Just be yourself. And show all your passion and enthusiasm for teaching. My presentation was powerpoint so it showed my IT skills. I also spoke about things which may have been seen as a talent i could bring into the school.
    Thanks for the kind words everyone.
    Good luck x

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