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Hong Kong???

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by EarlyYearsMonkey, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Has anyone any recent experience in Hong Kong? We are a family of 4 (2 boys aged 9 and 10). It looks like there are lots of amazing things for families to do but we are wary that the houses/apartments all sound very small and cost of living seems very expensive. Can families still have a good quality of life? Afford to enjoy being out there?
    Applying for the new school not built yet with a very snooty namesake in London, we previously worked at the sister school in Bangkok.
    Many thanks for any useful info [​IMG]
  2. Hi, the school I think you are referring to is located in the New Territories where you will get more space for your money. Serviced apartments may come with pools, tennis courts etc. However less 'ex-pat' or 'western' type facillities e.g. shops, bars. Will both of you be working? if not you will find it a bit tight on one wage. Another consideration is health, if either of your kids has any kind of respiratory problems then the air pollution is quite literally, eye-wateringly bad.
  3. I've been here for nearly three years it's fab! Pollution is not a problem all of the time. Yes there are bad days but it's not as bad as on the mainland. Today was bright blue skies and simply lovely. Living on the island is expensive and yes you pay for space. Lots of families live in places like Stanley and of course there is Sai Kung where you can rent a village house. Lots of expats and their families out that way. New school there too. HK Academy.

    It's a very safe city and the students I teach are just lovely. Great public transport, clean and free from drunken louts. Yes I would say families can have a great quality of life. Helpers are popular and a good one will take take care of your home, meals, children and pets at a very reasonable cost. The further you move away from the island the more space you get, I've got colleagues living out at Tseung Kwan O, Lohas Park and Sai Kung and travel in to the island.

    Hong Kong is a great city, there are fab beaches, country parks and you have SE Asia on your doorstep. We are very happy here.
  4. Couldn't help noticing the thread and thinking of teaching abroad with my partner next year. Dibs - could you tell me about a typical day teaching in a Hong Kong international school? Trying to figure out work life balance issues etc
  5. Hi there. Well my work life balance has certainly balanced out. I've never had it as good. I would say on a whole most teachers here really enjoy the experience. I guess there are exceptions. I've met people who work in ESF and I think that is more rigorous like in the UK. However, they do get paid much more. International schools are good and I've got friends who work in more local private schools and enjoy a good experience. I certainly don't regret moving, I would also said that most 'come here for two years' and stay. We certainly have. The students I teach are a dream, no behavior issues and less paperwork. I work hard but we are given the time to plan and prepare so it means my spare time is mine.
  6. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    To be honest, what Dibs says above is pretty common in most overseas schools. Some issues with behaviour in the Middle East but otherwise always great kids wanting to enjoy school and less rigorous and pedantic paperwork demands.

    Just ensure you are the type of person who embraces change, tries to adapt and does not want to replicate your UK lifestyle in a foreign country, and you will absolutely love it.

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