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Hong Kong the Bay of D

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Tower01, Jan 19, 2019.

  1. Tower01

    Tower01 New commenter

    Anyone have experience or knowledge of the international school that is not connected to the larger chain?
  2. rouxx

    rouxx Lead commenter

    Friends have been there for I would hazard a guess at 8 years...so there must be something keeping them there, if it was just that they liked HK then they would have moved school by now.
  3. clovispoint

    clovispoint Occasional commenter

    I don't know their terms and conditions but it seems to be a successful community school. They must be competitive to keep long-term staff.

    The Bay of D itself is a little expat bubble world that some people love, others dislike. It is HK-lite, owned and managed as a resort company of dubious reputation (they put earning money before looking after their residents). You would not have to live in B of D, Tung Chung, Peng Chau or Silvermine Bay would be other options.
  4. hellothisismyusername

    hellothisismyusername New commenter

    It says 1 child tuition per family and only the employees would have med insurance

    Would rule me out
  5. lifeinthe852

    lifeinthe852 New commenter

    Yes I do, feel free to pm
  6. lifeinthe852

    lifeinthe852 New commenter

    Interestingly this has just changed for teaching couples (1 child each free). Not great for those teachers whose spouse is not also a teacher tho!
  7. cdinhk

    cdinhk New commenter

    Great school - highly recommended
  8. lifeinthe852

    lifeinthe852 New commenter

    Not sure the above is true. a) depends on which of the two schools b) depends on what stakes you have in it c) depends on who you ask (as all schools)
  9. cdinhk

    cdinhk New commenter

    I was there 2 weeks ago for a few hours - was pretty impressed.
  10. Abitofeverything

    Abitofeverything Occasional commenter

    I worked there for 2 years - loved it! Amazing experience.
  11. CaraShaldon

    CaraShaldon New commenter

    When is peak time for schools to advertise? Looking for maths jobs on HK island only really due to partner's work which comes with an apartment.
  12. lifeinthe852

    lifeinthe852 New commenter

    I’m not sure a few hours in a school is enough to judge it as a “great school”. It may be the opinion of some; as I say, depends on one’s experience of a school and perhaps rather more longevity than a few hours.

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