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Hong Kong Salaries

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Woollyhoolly, May 4, 2011.

  1. Anyone???[​IMG]
  2. Oh, great news. The tutoring sounds good too- keeps me away from spending my hard earned cash in the pubs!
    Could you advise me about flats- costs if I share with one other and any good tips of nice(ish) areas and which ones to avoid (if any)
    Love chinese food, except for boiled chicken claws... eugh... will miss my French wine though- i'd better start the detox fairly soon ha ha

  3. I am also moving to HK this summer so any advice on places to live or places to avoid would be greatly appreciated!
  4. mrjack

    mrjack Occasional commenter

    How long were you in Hong Kong? would you reccommend it for a guy in his mid thirties who's single?
    I have been on the lookout for HOng Kong jobs in P.E. since September but nothing is coming up at all?
    What are my chances of gaining employment if I just go over there?
  5. wairua

    wairua New commenter

    ... will miss my French wine though

    You will then be pleasantly surprised at the range of wine in Hong Kong - including French - and prices can be very reasonable in various different places.
  6. That's the best news I've heard for some time... ha ha

  7. I was there for a year in 2005 (shopping was tooooo good but left for a man!!) As for where to live - really depends on whether you want to be out every evening, where your school is and how much you are willing to pay. www.squarefoot.com/hk will give you some ide aof rents but basically anything mid-levels (walking distance of pubs in Lan Kwai Fong and Soho) is going to cost you quite a lot to put it mildly! If your school is on Kowloon side and you don't mind living out where there isn't night life then New Terrorties are great - I lived right out by the border and it was 20 mins direct train into Kowloon Tong (you can connect to the underground system there) and was really cheap. Its a great place to be for anyone single! I'm guessing you're not off to HISHK as they are doing their own accomodation so HK is your oyster!!
  8. I probably wouldn't go over there without a job as its bloody expensive to live there! Mailshot the schools - there are loads of British Curric ones (there is always a certainly % who leave before their contract is up so you may strike lucky!
    South China Morning Post Classifieds online is a good place to start sometimes - they also have NET jobs there which may be a way into HK giving you an income too! Think SCMP also d accomodation ads
  9. LiveToWin

    LiveToWin Established commenter

    I lived and worked in HK for 3 years, until last year. Your main cost will be rent. What you pay will vary widely depending mainly on location, but also on facilities and size of apartment. If you want to live on HK island or Kowloon your rent will be higher than if you live in Fanling, for example. You could quite easily spend your entire monthly wage on a flat. Rents are also sensitive to supply and demand - for example they went down during SARS but then went up again. Where is the job?
    Other costs - as mentioned, food is quite cheap if you eat "locally" or in places like Cafe de Coral/Fairwood (main course for HK$35 or so). They can be a bit daunting though unless you speak some Cantonese, although you would have fewer problems on the island than in New Territories as more people speak some English. You will find "Western" foods such as cheese, milk, bread etc. expensive. Transport is cheap, efficient and can be scary on the minibuses. Bills like electricity, water etc. are reasonable, as is cable TV.
    Your bonus will cover tax, which has just dropped from 16% to 10%, I think. You also pay into the mandatory pension scheme, but can claim this back if/when you leave. You will need to get qualifications registered with the HK authorities, and also need to get an ID card - check with the school who pays for these as they are not cheap. Also ask about health insurance, although the public health service is quite good.
    Hong Kong is an excellent place to live, I hope to go back there at some point. However, it's not a cheap LEDC where you can live like an expat king. To give you an idea, the average expat teacher salary is about HK$50,000 a month. The average expat salary is nearer HK$150,000 a month, with lots of lawyers and financial staff, so you will be poor compared to many expats.
    Two useful websites:

    Good luck!

  10. I am moving to Hong Kong in August to be a Kindergarten teacher. If you would like to ge in touch e-mail me. jemappellelula@hotmail.com

  11. which KG are you off to Lucy??
  12. wairua

    wairua New commenter

    a suggestion of two things to bring with you to Hong Kong - a descent sized stapler and staples (I had intended to bring one with me as I have come across the lack of such a tool in other places but forgot) and a dinner plate. This may sound strange but a flat plate is not easy to find. I am sure they are in IKEA, but each time I have been there I have forgotten and did not want to fight my way through the maze again. The markets and other places have a range of side plates (bread and butter plates or what ever you want to call them) and a great range of bowls. Just an idea of what I would have found useful initially.
  13. Tsing Yi ESF.


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