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Hong Kong NET Scheme - Potential Interview

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Hmart89, Jan 26, 2020.

  1. Hmart89

    Hmart89 New commenter

    I was invited to attend an interview in London, but I'm currently in America and am wondering if going to the U.K is justified here.

    I have a BA in Philosophy (not education, but somewhat related to language because of the linguistics component) an online TEFL and I recently was certified as an English teacher here in America. The form I filled out asked for post-qualification experience, while I've only taught before receiving the license. I worked as a private tutor in Hong Kong for just over two years then worked in language centers in Singapore for 3.5 years.

    The recruiter told me that the volume of applicants was low this year because of the protests. Now people are also probably concerned about the virus out of Wuhan. I don't mind spending some money in order to make money but I'm hesitant to fly to an interview that in no way secures a job for me. I've written to the EDB to see if they have any indication of how many job posts they're expecting this summer but haven't heard back yet, probably due to CNY and the fact that schools won't know if their NET teacher is leaving their post until later in the year.

    I was told by someone currently on the NET scheme that post-qualification experience wasn't a deal breaker. Also, my friend's buddy is currently on it as well. He studied Biology, has a TEFL and only one year experience teaching in Thailand. I'm way more credentialed compared to him.

    This whole process seems very arbitrary.

    Can anyone assess my case and weigh in, hopefully someone that has interviewed or been accepted by a school? Thanks
  2. clovispoint

    clovispoint Occasional commenter

    You'll have more success asking your questions on one of the local HK expat forums such as https://geoexpat.com or asiaxpat. Lots of NETs on there who could help- probably also FaceBook groups.

    The true NET scheme is very competitive. There are many other NET jobs here with much less stringent criteria. Your salary is based on your qualifications. I'm not a NET so can't say much more than that. Lots of stuff to read here: https://www.edb.gov.hk/en/curriculum-development/resource-support/net/index.html
  3. kpjf

    kpjf Occasional commenter


    You're probably aware of this, but even if you do the interview and are successful it's absolutely no guarantee for a job. It's basically one hurdle passed and another bigger one to jump over, but the fact of having become licensed as an English teacher is a big plus. Do you mean like the equivalent of a PGCE in teaching English (as a first language) in secondary school?

    I'm from the UK and personally speaking if it were the opposite there is no way I would get a flight all the way to New York simply for the interview. Unless, of course you wanted to visit London anyway.

    I'd say you've already answered your own question here. I think it would be 100% different if passing this interview meant you got a job (such as with a regular interview, lol) but it in no way guarantees a job. Aren't there interviews in New York this year? A friend of mine did hers there about 4 years ago.

    Regarding your question about posts, I think it's truly impossible to know which teachers will leave and which ones will stay.

    I'm not on the scheme myself but I doubt that is the norm. Think about it: in the TEFL world there is not a single job that pays more than this (when we figure in cost of living and salary potential if you stay in the position long-term) so inevitably it will attract a lot of good candidates. Maybe your friend's friend got lucky.

    One last thing. I did read that schools in HK do not value language centre work so much. Really, no offense meant, but I did read that it is not so valued as "real experience" compared with teaching in an actual secondary school.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2020

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