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Honesty of kids

Discussion in 'Primary' started by missh27, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. a child in my year 5 class had headlice and we had noticed it for weeks, one day he was scratching quite a bit so I said quietly that he should check his hair that evening.
    The next day he came in with his head shaved and when the other kids in my class asked him why he had done that he shouted out so the whole class could hear:
    yeah I had nits!!!

  2. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    This reminds me - One of the kids in my class got really upset when the bottom hair band on her plait fell out and she had a pony tail swinging loose. When I asked her why this was a problem she said "Because i've got nits and mum says they'll get on other children if my hair is loose!" right in front of the rest of the class. She was given a wide berth for the rest of the day haha.

    My other favourite was when I first started teaching a very honest Autistic child, right in the middle of my lesson she rolled on the floor and shouted "OH GOD THIS IS BORING!"

    Same child, when making a leaving card for another child: Me: "Would you like to draw a picture for Jimmy's leaving card?" child: "No, I hate him, he smells and it's a good job he's leaving!" I was like "ok... can't say fairer than that haha!"
  3. Love the boring bit LOL
    How i would love to have the nerve to do that on some of the training days. [​IMG]
  4. Little girl: My mummy's hair is the same as your's.
    Me: Oh is it?
    Little girl: Yep, her's is all frizzy on the ends too.
    I had a haircut that weekend.

    Same little girl: Miss are you having a baby?
    Me: No
    TA: It just looks like that because Miss B's jumper is scrunched up.
    Little girl: No, it's just that she's fat.
    I have lost 2 stone since last year
  5. The child who came in to my maths lesson and said 'Miss you look really tired, my mum gets those black bags too.' and too her class teacher 'Mr H you drink too much coffee, your breathe smells of it!'
  6. During a literacy activity on adjectives. One of the boys came up with Grey, when asked to use it in a sentence he replied "Grey like your roots Miss". Needless to say I got busy with the hair dye that weekend!

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