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Honestly I'm not bragging but...

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by nhdut15, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Bodgeabuttons - I called it that because that would have been what people would have said straight away. I'm sorry if people think I'm bragging, I'm honestly not!
    The point of the thread is to show people that there is still some life left in supply in <u>certain areas</u> of the country and it hasn't all gone out of the window yet. I'm <u>not</u> syaing that its that good all over the country, but it is still worthwhile being a supply teacher in my area (for the time being at least).
  2. I honestly don't understand what you are trying to achieve wasteoftime! It seems that you are trying to twist everything I've said.
    Reading my post back I dont see how I'm asking for sympathy. Perhaps you could point this bit out to be if you'd be so kind. Also could you point out where I said that the 'majority of supply teachers are shirkers'?
    What I've been trying to say, obviously not very clearly(!), is that some schools don't care who they get for supply as long as they've got someone to cover the class. Therefore if you make a good impression you may get asked back.
  3. ...point this bit out to <u>ME</u> if you'd be so kind.
    (Why can't we edit posts on here? It's so frustrating!)
  4. Thank you nhdut15

    I am having a hard time at the moment and your post made me think that perhaps there will be light at the end of the tunnel.


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