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Honest Opinions Please

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by kittenmittens, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Hmmm, I would be inclined to see how she is tomorrow, how she sleeps etc and if she has much breakfast, and if she seems ok take her in but ask them to phone you if she goes downhill. The nursery I'm usng say it's fine for LOs to have a cold and come in, some babies seem to have one cold after another. If you really can't face it or think she won't cope, you have the option of keeping her at home as you're not at work. Hope she gets better soon x
  2. Thanks for the replies. I think I'll do as you have suggested - see how she is in morning. She's been relatively perky when she has been awake, a little mucus-y when breathing but mostly fine.
    This is the first cold she's had so I'm rather new at dealing with it. She didn't eat much (solid) tea but was fine with a bit of baby rice and milk.
    I heard her cough earlier and have put some karvol in her room.
    Poor love - I feel quite anxious on her behalf at the impending day as I know she'll just be exhausted by it all!
  3. Hey lilypot, how did little one fare through the ngiht? did you take her in to nursery?
  4. Not so good, glitter - but thanks for asking. Woke up Monday morning with a high temperature (38.7C) so ended up taking her to doctors instead! It was just the usual - calpol, plenty of fluids and not bother with solids.
    The nursery kindly said we could take her in today for the afternoon to make up for missing yesterday, but this morning, although her fever had gone, she still wasn't 100%. It didn't seem fair to subject her to all the noise and new surroundings when she wasn't up to it. So, we had a gentle day taking things at her pace - and hoping for her to go in tomorrow.
    She's due to stay till 6pm but I think I'll pick her up 4.30pm-ish. I don't really want to over-do it with her.
    She didn't drink any milk at bedtime now so expecting her to wake soon. So an unsettled night in store I expect.

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