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Discussion in 'Primary' started by haggisrach, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. My daughter is in year 2 and this weekend has brought home 7 pieces of homework inc the ususl reading book. I teach year 3 and Years 5/6. I do not give them that much homework. My daughter hates schoolwork at the best of times and is struggling to cope. She is a 1b accross the board and struggling with her reading in particular. I think there are underlying problems, school think she's lazy. One thing she had was a reading comprehension in prep for SATS. The book was 24 pages long, with about 30 q to answer and she could not read the book. It took her 3 hours in half hour spurts to complete q with me writing answers for her.
    Do other teachers out there think this is normal? I am concerned that she is going to end up hating sch?
  2. oops - usual!
  3. Doesn't sound like something I would do. My Y2 class have Maths games to play over the weekend with an adult and spellings to learn.
    Other than the usual reading then that is it?
    Is this week typical or is there more than normal? Perhaps the class teacher is sending home work that is not completed in class - I would suggest a discussion?
  4. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    Far from normal. I recommend you ask for a copy of the school's homework policy. This might help explain why this over-the-top amount of work is being set.Of course, if the policy is being contravened (very likely) this gives you more clout when you go in to talk about it.
  5. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    And, if the head's any good, being asked for a copy of the homework policy by a parent will trigger a useful train of thought in their mind, along with a gentle reminder to all staff to re-acquaint themselves with the content of said policy.But maybe that's just me!
  6. I think it is far too much and unecessary. WHat is time outside school for? And what is time in school for? There is nothing more soul destroying than to have to do the same dreary round of desk based writing activities at home as in school. Homework should really be the work of the home ie the work the HOME does - to talk to children, love them,do the routine affiars of life in going to the market etc, take them to see things that might interest them, involve them in a social world, listen to them and water their language roots on an individual level far more effectively than school can do. To me the agenda of compulsory homework from school dumbs down many family interactions, causes stress and is a poor use of otherwise valuable time. If parents don't want to do those things that are the real work of the HOME then no amount of the school-set homework will compensate anyway- although it may salve a few parents' guilt. Why don't you just REFUSE to do it. There is no proof that homework set by the teacher has any bearing on attainment in the primary school years despite government propaganda and the falseness of home-school agreements. Parents cannot be held to account for disagreeing with a policy that has no basis other than wishful thinking. It is your duty really to protect your child form this intrusion into family life and to question the teacher and the head for it seems to be the teacher that needs looking at, rather than the child.
  7. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I'm a teacher and I don't think it's normal. In fact, it's terrible.
  8. Absolutely not normal! I teach Years 3 - 5 and don't set this much!
    Agree that you should request the homework policy and note the section that states 'Homework is voluntary' - this applies to parents, children and teachers!!
    I think it is completely absurd and would make me hate school.
  9. ballerina

    ballerina New commenter

    I would check with the class teacher. I teach Yr 2 and mainly set 'tasks' / fun activites for the class, however I had a parent come to see me today about the amount of homework I set her daughter - I was confused at first but then realised that the daughter had taken various independent activities from the classroom and told her mum they were her homework! Bless her for wanting to do work at home!?
  10. slippeddisc

    slippeddisc New commenter

    I teach KS1 and would never give this much homework. That's far too much for a young child. My class get spellings, a reading book and maths homework. Even then I get parents saying it is too much.
    Was there perhaps a mistake? I had a parent coming to me last week asking why their child had 11 pieces of homework. I was very confused and when I went to check I saw the problem. Their child had been in hospital for a few weeks and had missed lots of pieces that were still in his homework book. His mum had thought that he still had to do them and was panicing.

  11. Thanks for replies.
    It is far more than I set my Y3s but just wanted to confirm that wasn't just me.
    The problem is I am also very good friends with the class teacher - she lives next door. But I don't want to fall out with her. I am also a governor at the school.
    Had more lit and num tonight - no indication of when it has to be in by!
    I think I will go and speak to the ht when I get chance. It is driving me mad. And yes, it is like this every weekend.
    Think they may be stressed by sats - I know they want all Y2s to get 2A .
    You have all reassured me though - so thankyou.

  12. I hope you get this sorted soon. I would hate to have to give that much homework out. My Year 1s have reading, spellings and 1 piece of num homework per week and sometimes I feel this is too much.


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