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Homework - Totally Against!

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by LTroughton, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. LTroughton

    LTroughton New commenter

    Is it me or is Show My Homework seemingly infesting more and more schools and being used as a tool to monitor teachers rather than pupils?

    As a teacher AND parent I am completely against homework; it ruins family time and appears only to massage the ego's of pushy parents whilst destroying childhood. You may disagree, however, where I work I have yet to see Show My Homework being used to monitor pupil progress rather than teacher progress... ...I have seen teachers individual names put up in staff rooms and pointed out during staff meetings about which department is setting the most (and naming individuals who are not - naughty-naughty) and emails with colleagues details about how much homework is being set within the department whilst suddenly claiming that it is school policy without it actually being in any contract, nor would I have signed up to such a contract where I have to set 90-120 mins of homework per week for each KS4 and 60 mins for each KS3 class. It is appalling and degrading to teachers, parents and pupils. I am finding it difficult at times to differentiate between who the teachers are and who the children are with so many senior leaders out to bully staff with such regimes whilst they never had to do this themselves!

    So many pupils come to me suffering from stress and in tears, as they are at school all day, competing in after-school activities and then having to do homework on top of that EVERY day. When do they actually get time to be kids!? Some are working 12 hour days (school, lunch-time and after school activities, homework and some with evening/weekend jobs)!

    Yes, I have read a lot of research and the data appears to be extremely massaged and inconsistent over time periods that have changed considerably - the demands on 21st century children/young adults are considerably higher with additional pressures of information overload (knowing how to sift through all the bad info on the internet), extra-curricular activities and knowing they are going into a world where they will probably never own their own home unless it is inherited (myself being one of this genre).

    I am seriously disappointed by the people bringing in these tools that do not, and have never had to, use them whilst never having actually consulted the people who are having to use them.

    Not only is this harassment, but, if you have an average 8 classes and in a school with a marking policy of every 3/4 lessons, or, 2 weeks (which ever comes first!) that puts the time you spend marking at over 40 hours per week (homework, assessments, class books, etc), including during your holidays... ...where is the teaching!?

    Sorry, but, I am not a fan of Show My Homework and have seen it used only as a "Big Brother" tool thus far. Despite my disagreement with homework, as a parent, I am willing to set it, as part of my job as a teacher, if policy states it in my contract, but, the misuse of this particular system appears to be quite frustrating and wondered if anyone else had the same issues?

    I am on the fence a little and polite, professional, supportive comments would be welcome to help persuade me, but, as a general rule of thumb; I feel homework stops kids from being kids and the little amount it actually adds is not worth it. I NEVER did homework and I have achieved more than most people my age, but, I am just one person. Did anyone else do homework? Do you really think it made a difference to your life on the whole, or, would it not have mattered? I'd be interested to know others views.

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