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Homework Project - Victorians

Discussion in 'History' started by pedro1, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Just about to start topic work on the 'Victorians' with my KS2 Year 5, does anyone have any good ideas for a termly/half termly homework project? Basically I'm on the rob ;-)

    Any advice or freebles would be much appreciated.

  2. Pedro,
    It might be too advanced for them but why not get them to find and list - in a form of family tree, stating where they lived and what their occupations were, those members of their family who appear on the 1881 census. Access to this particular census is free if you go in through the International Geneological Index or IGI They may well be suprised as to what their ancestors were doing - children as young as twelve in full-time work.

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