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Homework on GLOW or alternative

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by Lplateteacher, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. What class do you have?
    Glow really is the place to do it as its a secure place but also vetted for the children so safe place and you can see everything they do.
    The issue I had with glow and a P7 class I had was that not all of them had internet at home - problem 1. Those that did have internet at home - some ketp having issues actually getting on as it was so tempermental with them. I found that the same kids were really good at using it and same kids were not good. It becomes harder to enforce compared to normal homework. If you know that all your kids have access to internet its a bit easier but I would think of a way to not make those that don't feel singled out for not being able to get on.
    I started off with bonus homework on glow which carried rewards like points for their group etc so it wasnt compulsory but was good way to start getting them on.
    If you do find a good way to use it please post to let us know.

  2. I've a p6/7 of high ability kids who are very active outside class. Sounds like I should (1) have a play around first, (2) survey Internet accessibility and (3) decide how to mix on/off line tasks. Like your bonus points idea!
    Thanks loads.
  3. I used GLOW to support homework. All homework could be completed without having access to it but there would be handy websites on there and children could (and did) submit their homework on GLOW -giving others the opportunity to get ideas.

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