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Homework - lets share and be creative

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bluerose, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    oh thanks for that danny. I am looking forward to seeing it. Of course ill let you know when it arrives.

  2. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    thanks Graham. Im sure others will find this useful too.

    This thread's been quite quiet recently?

  3. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    Well I've checked the stock cupboard and we've got enough of the oversize pink books or the plain red A4 ones for both our year 5 classes so we're going to go for it as a trial run in our school.
    My first thoughts for homework were the reading ideas that I posted earlier then some ideas to go with the sig authors theme (Roald Dahl). Invent your own giant and try to describe it using brilliant words. Imagine you're a Dahl character, where would you like to go holiday, send a postcard to another character (idea from TES and Roald Dahl museum), read a book by an author you've never tried before and say what you thought of it. We've also got a healthy living theme so there are loads of ideas for that like keep an exercise diary over the weekend.
    The only thing I'm not happy with is coming up with creative or openended ideas for year 5 maths (and I'm the maths coordinator!) I shall have to reread the creativity in maths thread and see if I get any ideas. Thanks Bluerose and Danny for inspiring me so much.
  4. just a word of warning all. don't get bogged down with everything having to be 'creative'. the logs are magic for hammering home key objectives. the fact that you allow the children just to use colour etc can be enough to switch them on. let them be creative in their presentation and delivery. sometimes this is enough. i'm only mentioning this because i worked with a teacher once who went down this path and they sent for the men in white coats in the end!!!
    there's another debate. what is creativity? all i know is it takes time. how many experiments before the light bulb was invented. 10,000 was it?
    hope you lot will put some of your ideas on the website when you get going. i think you lot will come up with some unique approaches that others will want to follow. the website is the perfect place to show off your ideas and hard work. don't forget us now will you. imagine a site full of pages of various approaches to learning logs from all over the uk. wow!

    happy logging

  5. Wow this has been busy lots of good ideas i love the WWII cooking idea.

    this is WWII point system i was given

    2 points
    Make a list of essential things you would take into your shelter.
    Create a timeline and include 5 events on it.
    Draw/paint a picture of something featured during WW2 eg. Gas mask, fighter plane, tank. Write a caption to go with it.
    Learn 2 war time songs.
    Write the numbers 1-10 in German.

    5 points
    List the advantages and disadvantages of being sent away as an evacuee.
    Recreate a wartime poster. (This can be done on the computer)
    Write a short newspaper report announcing the start of the war. (Include a Catchy Headline!)
    Write a diary entry from a soldier fighting in the war.
    Dress up as an evacuee/soldier. Have your photo taken and write a caption to go with it.
    Create a leaflet preparing people for an air raid.
    Find an interesting paragraph about WW2 in a book. Make notes and write about it in your own words.
    Find 5 countries that fought in the war. Draw their flags and write a sentence to go with each flag.
    Write a set of instructions preparing people for the blackout.
    Design and make your own war time medal.

    8 points
    Make a 3D model of an item from the war (Gas mask, tank, plane etc?)
    Write a food diary for one day. List which foods were imported and the places where the food came from.
    Find a wartime recipe. Create this recipe and take a photo to show your creation. (Write the recipe to go with your photo in case others would like to have a go)
    Design a job advert for an air raid warden.
    Write your own war time poem.
    Write a description of the devastation you find after an air raid.
    (The all clear siren went and I crawled out from under the table)
    Imagine you are a soldier fighting in the war. Write a letter home to your family.

    10 points
    If you are lucky enough, ask someone to teach you how to knit. Knit a scarf for a model soldier.
    Write a report on Anne Frank
    Interview someone who was alive during the war. Record your interview onto tape or write out the questions and answers as a transcript.
    With permission, watch a war time movie such as Goodnight Mister Tom or Carries War. Write a film review.
    Write a story. One morning after an air raid, you see a German parachute falling from the air. 10
  6. Kat re the maths sheets maybe have a way of doing it differently eg if it was learning a timestable it could be
    1) complete this sheet of maths OR
    2) make and play a board game to learn these facts
    3) play this board game to learn this fact
    4) Can you make a song to learn these number facts

    Then its upto you
  7. Wow- Bluerose, thank you for seeking permission to post the WW2 homework ideas, and please thank the original creator too!
  8. will do
  9. Re worrying ideas arent good enough this forum should be about everyone sharingand that it doesnt matter if some ideas are more relevant than others. If only a few contribute its not any where near good enough. I think those whove contributed on here have all been great i do hope there arent others to scared to share- please do.
    Re home audit think thats a great idea and hope someone comes up with a questionairre.
    Might be worth having a stationary shop in school with maybe homework packs set up and then additional resources eg glue, paper, scissors, crayons pencils etc.
    Looking forward to reading the research re homework of log site
  10. Homework at our school is a big issue. Some parents want more some less. What i'm going to try next year is a few of ideas on here and then see how it go's.
    For topic i'm going to give out points type so chn can access at different levels. Chn are going to present during last week of half term and i'm going to have exhibition for parents after school. For literacy they will have talk for writing ( for big writing ) which i'm going to trial every week to see if it's 'do-able'. As i'm concerned about marking. (As KS we are introducing Ros Wilsons work over first term but as lit co-ordinator thought better ensure its managable or we'll have a revolt). The children will also have piece of work for reading journal based on ideas from primary teacher blog
    Also Spelling Journal activity.
    I'm also going to set some maths and occasional writing or science based on learning log idea and just see how chn like it. By the way i teach Y6 and we have a policy thats says 2 1/2 hours per week. I'm trying to set activities that have a positive impact on learning without spending ages marking.
  11. thanks for those links. Theres some useful reading journal stuff on schoollinks site.
    Think your ideas sound good although it sounds like a lot.
    Tell me more about the talks
  12. I think that the amount and difficulty of homework is a huge issue. Some parents want loads and some find it a bit of an inconvenience. I am going to tell parents this year that homework might be slightly less challenging than work done in class as pupils are expected to do it on their own whereas in class they have me to ask.
    If I set homework and say 'do 30 minutes' - the amount our school suggests - some will do the lot however much is set and some will do the first question and say that they found it hard.
    One teacher at my school sent home a published homework sheet with the year group at the top. It was for the year above, but it was a top set and the class had been working at that level. A parent complained and asked how the teacher possibly expected the child to be able to complete it!
    I think using homework diaries/logs whatever and having teacher-parent communication open should help clear up problems before they become issues. Unfortunately, although we have homework diaries we are not encouraged to make comments to parents in case it provokes a problem.
  13. myrtle

    myrtle Occasional commenter

    ours is called 'PAL' - Parent Assisted Learning and it's recommended that they do 30 mins and I usually give PAL that supports whatever they have been doing during the week, a bit of everything or just maths or just lit/topic etc
  14. I just teach maths and have to set 30 minutes of that each week.
  15. As a parent its hard to know what to do for best should you help your child when you see then doing it badly!! or leave them to it? Thats why i think creative ideas are better as it doesnt matter if all the family get involved in fact thats the aim because i think research shows the thing that improves learning is discussion about it which would happen. Those with no supportive parents could still do some fo tasks and could access a homework club and some less supportive parents might join in if its more fun stuff.
  16. Love this thread. One of my most successful homeworks was simply getting them to plan and deliver a talk to the class on a subject of their own choice. One of mine brought in a live chicken and a quiet shy girl had us all in stitches on her 'How to survive living in a family' talk. They were great at evaluating each other too.
  17. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    We always do the prepare a 2 minute talk as well and it's always one of the most successful things we do.
    I take your point about not going overboard with the creativity Danny but I think that one of the things that maybe makes maths less enjoyable for some children is the perceived rigidness of it. It's much easier to think of different formats in english or topic work but I would like to get away from a sheet of sums more often than I do.
  18. Bluerose, I agree about the creative and not too challenging element. Nothing is more satisfying than parents popping in to say the whole family got involved in the task, or when the children say "my Dad spent the whole afternoon making it with me" and this is Y6 when parents are tending to let the children work independently. I think it's really important for the children to have the opportunity to talk and share their learning journeys (through a topic) with their parents.

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