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Homework - lets share and be creative

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bluerose, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    What was the TeachersTV programme Danny? Is it one that you can still download? I'd love to watch something showing a local school (well fairly).
  2. look foward to hearing about your personalised reward scheme- always looking for new ideas for ways to reward
  3. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    Thanks Bluerose, I've just watched it and it definitely clarified things a bit.
    For anyone in the east mids who gets school stuff from ESPO, the order ref for the books used in the prog is 90522. Pink landscape books slightly bigger than A4.
  4. it's all good stuff!
  5. If you want to be part of the learning logs website then email any pictures, pupils' or parents' comments, or stories of how YOU developed the idea in your school, to me at learninglogs@yahoo.co.uk and I will publish them on www.learninglogs.co.uk as soon as possible(day job permitting)
    Why not have your own page?

    The logs are also working well in key stage one and any examples from that range would be welcome

  6. trickyricky83

    trickyricky83 New commenter

    This has really inspired me for looking at my homework. The theme for mine is rivers. Does this look ok?

    2 point activities
    ? Draw a river and label all of the different features.
    ? Write a poem with the title ?River?. It must include some of the key vocabulary.
    ? Make Top Trumps cards based on different rivers around the world. The categories are: length, capacity, number of countries passed through,
    ? Write a description of how meanders are formed.
    ? Create a river safety leaflet.

    5 point activities
    ? Make a leaflet to advertise some activities that can be done on the river.
    ? Write a short story which takes place on a river.
    ? Imagine you are a water droplet. Write a description of your journey down the river from the source to the sea.
    ? Create a one page fact file about the River Nile.
    ? Create a one page fact file about the River Thames.
    ? Create a one page fact file about the River Amazon.
    ? Create a timetable about a ferry crossing the River Thames in London. You need to make 10 questions based on your timetable.
    ? Find out about 5 different animals that live in or on the river. How are they adapted to live on the river?

    8 point activities
    ? Make a 3D model river. It must include all of the key features of the river. You can make it any way you want to, using any materials you want to use.
    ? Make a game with a river theme. You can decide what type of game it is and what equipment you need. You need to write the instructions carefully.
    ? Find out about and write a description of what an ox bow lake is and how it is formed.
    ? Find out about the recent floods. Record your findings in any way you want.

    10 point activity
    ? Choose any river from around the world. Create a project about it. You need pages on: Title page, the country, the river itself (the size, countries it passes through, where is its source etc.), wildlife and why it is important to the people of that country.

    Can anyone think of any maths based activities for this please?
  7. Measure the speed the water flows
    Create a depth profile

    You need a river nearby for this, though.
    We have one!!!

    Use scale on a map to work out how long the river is.
  8. create a game about pollution of rivers, score points to add and subtract for pollutinc and cleaning up.
    Capacity work eg the river holds approximately x amount of water in one square meter at point b, find out how many pop bottles it would take to hold that amount, can you do same for other containers.
  9. graham is the brains of the website and he puts all the stuff on. he has also done a lot of research into learning logs so if you want to know the theory behind it, then he's your man.
    here's hoping that all this interest will generate some more pages for the website which was set up for teachers by teachers.
    having said that graham bailed out of teaching and is now an ed physch. bet i've spelt that wrong!!

  10. i hope this happens too, last summer we spent all summer creating the Speaking and listening resource and think lots of people then went into school and used it hope so as everyone was very enthusiastic during the summer. Hopefull same will happen with this
  11. trickyricky83

    trickyricky83 New commenter

    Thanks for those ideas Gertie and Bluerose
  12. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    I've finally just found time to watch the TV programme. It's really good. I wondered about using it to show to parents to help show and explain about the learning logs before I introduce them next term. Has anyone else thought about this?

    Danny/Graham, you mention that you've done lots of research etc behind them, you dont have a 'handout' sheet with some of your findings do you? I really dont mean to be cheeky by asking. I was looking for something we could share with other staff or parents to get them interested and onboard too. I alo wondered about photographs? I thought if parents and children had a visual idea about what these learning logs 'could' look like then they'd be keen to put in a lot of effort too??? Dont know. It was just something that came to me when I was watching the video.

    I also downloaded the example of the brainbuilders weekly planner. I hadn't thought about covering all the areas in one week. I think from the plan i see three tasks, is this an achieveable amount? Does everyone always complete the three tasks or do some only do one or two? Do they get points for completing them all?

    Sorry for all the questions! I am going to my HT tomorrow and want to be armed with all the info! :)

  13. kat.
    i'm sure if you contacted graham he would be able to tell you more on the research side of things. he did his masters based on this kind of thing. like i said he's the one with the brains. he has put some stuff on a page on the website all about the theory behind it all. the team works like this. graham does the theory and clever stuff, i just put it into practice in the classroom. he knows his stuff and is very helpful. contact him and pick his brains.

    as for the tasks. we give out as many as we think is appropriate. they get more as they progress through the school and it depends on the nature of the task. some are more challenging than others. my yr6s would probably get 3 tasks for maths, a couple for literacy and maybe one or two for science. but that can and does vary from week to week. we only do the core subjects in yr6 because of pigging SATs but other yr groups do a variety of subjects. some topics lend themselves to this approach more than others.

  14. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter


    After looking at the brainbulders grid on the teachers tv website i built this one in word. I know danny mentions a programme to write the objectives on somewhere in this thread but i know we dont have that programme.

    I figured it could be made to half A5 size then stuck in the centre of the book.

    Is this the kind of thing you had in mind? Please let me know what you think or any ideas you have for adding to it or taking out.

    I also wondered about gathering ideas for the different ways they could complete the task - recipe, memory map, photographs, etc.

    I have used a font called Grand Stylus for the middle. It looks like Grafitti.

    I look forward to reading your thoughts.

  15. 666


    I would like to know a bit more about the point system. Do you set children a total that they must reach?
  16. Hi Kat liked your sheet and think idea of different ways to share the information would be a great idea. However im not sure what format i think would be best yet still needs more thought and maybe talk with staff and kids hence thought id focus on here on activities. I still quite like the points approach
  17. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    yeah, i think focussing on activities here is a good plan. I just thought that if we start throwing different formats into the wheel here too then we'll start to see the best bits of different formats and maybe build a super format! ha ha.

    Yeah, i like the points bit too. Dont know how that would work either.

    I left the target to be moved around the sheet depending where you wanted to move it. Perhaps something like that could be used for the points. Have text boxes with the different points in it and move it beside each activity.

    The brain bulders system seems to look at lots of areas over the week. With the points system I think that if a child completed the work for the most points that's a lot of work through the week and perhaps you wouldnt need all the curriculum areas?
    What do you think?

  18. Kat, I really liked your sheet and wonder if it could be used as an overview for all the homeworks for a particular topic? If my son came home with that in his book he would be totally overwhelmed because it looks like there is so much work to be done.
  19. Kat,
    I too liked the format you've used. It's certainly something to share with my children and parents.

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