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Homework - lets share and be creative

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bluerose, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Stupid question, possibly because I am enjoying the wine from one of my class from today too much, but I can obviously only see the paper. Would you give them like an A4 size topic book and add papers, projects etc or paper on its own. Only asking as I am in work tomorrow and would like to start to sort out books etc and am quite excited by your thread!
  2. most of them look to me to be A4 or bigger plain books so they can be used in as many ways as possible
  3. Cool liking that as we have tons of topic plain books!
  4. so, having been into school today and sorted book, would an A4 plain oversized book be ok? from the pics on the website it looks like they have used special books but I cannot see anthing like them in my supplies book!!
  5. the books you are looking for are slightly bigger than A4. they are supplied by ESPO. i could get the ref number for you all if that helps. i'm in school today so could get the number. the books are used in infant schools mainly. we started using the A4 ones but the kids just wanted more space so we now use the larger size.
    looks like there could be a lot of learning logging going on in september. don't forget about the site gang. it was set up for all teachers in the hope that we could all share what we are doing in school. we would love to develop the site with all of your fab approaches and ideas.
    just a thought about something that may crop up as the thread develops. how will you print out your objectives or as we call them 'home learning tasks'? this can be problematic and time consuming which could be a concern when introducing it to other staff. we use mindmanager which makes it incredibally easy and quick. just thought i'd throw that in the melting pot.
    i'm amazed at the interest and thanks to you all for looking at the site. hope it helps and gives you ideas to get started. the site illustrates a model. i always tell schools/teachers to take the model and adapt it, refine so that it meets the neeeds of your school and your children. seems to me that you're all doing that which means it WILL be a success in your schools.

    happy logging

  6. they looked like plain books to me what makes you think they look special. If you email the guy at the site Danny he will respond hes really keen for more people to send pictures of their logs to the site
  7. tkh


    I started the first page of my class learning log today ( I am down under, and alas we are not on holiday!)after reading this thread last night and was very pleased with the result.

    Year 1
    L.O. to make small totals using coins
    Task: Choose an item in the shop and pay the shopkeeper with the right money.

    I intend to keep working on the class book with a view to addressing the homework issue in the future! Thanks for the inspiration!
  8. danny am i being thick dont understand what you mean re the printing of learning objectives do you mean because each teacher will need to print off class set each time she sets a task?
  9. hi bluerose.
    if you are thinking of starting this off in school then you need to think about the setting up of it. each teacher will need to set their own objectives/home learning tasks as you said. now this can take time depending on how you do it. if it's time consuming then some staff could kick up a fuss especially if you are using the logs for homework. i'm only talking through painful experience bluerose. the easier and quicker it is to set up then the more chance you have of getting everybody on board more quickly. we use mindmanager to print out the objectives and you can duplicate a class set of objectives in a couple of minutes so its not really a problem. but people have contacted me on the site who don't use mindmanager and say that creating the objectives can be a bind.
    i'm so impressed with the enthusiasm of this thread and the ideas that are being generated so i don't want to throw any spanners in the works. however, things like the setting of objectives and the MARKING of the logs can throw up issues for teachers. i trained all of our TAs to use mindmanager and they are given a copy of the obectives by each teacher on monday morning and during assembly they type them into mindmanager and print them out for each teacher.
    so your not being thick bluerose (as if) you are obviously thinking ahead.
    take care

  10. ok practical question, how big are the books? our book bags aren't going to be big enough if they're much over A4 size
  11. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    Surely creating the objectives and doing the marking isn't any more onerous than what we already have to do? Sticky labels could come into play here I would think. Mine are old enough to copy the objective down for themselves but younger or less able could be given it on a sticker. I would rather mark this than a page of number work or English exercises.
  12. Guess it all depends what youre school already does as to whether this would seem more onerous. Think im going to try and get a class to trial it first to show impact.
    RE objectives not sure what i like best yet like the points system of blue spinnaker and the idea from another poster with home tasks etc so that actually might be a sheet that goes into book to explain.
    If go down route of a objective in the book and dont want kids to write it think id set up system so easily copied and printed on labels.
    Thanks Danny for your advice i agree its always best to learn from where others have had setbacks and soem resistant to change will do anything to make an idea fail sadly.
    Re books guess to start with A4 if thats what youve got and thats what fits in book bags would do and then see how it goes.
  13. you can use any book you like. i started with A4 plain landscape books. used these for 2 years, no problem. saw the bigger ones, asked the kids about them and they said yes please. one school i worked with used portiat plain A4 books. i don't think it really matters and if they need to fit into the book bags you already have then you buy any size that fits. so long as they are plain i don't think it matters one bit.
    creating the objectives and the marking can be massive issues and if you are thinking about introducing this to all the staff then i would advise you to have your answers at the ready. look at the picture on the home of the the girl holding her learning log. if you got twenty of those in a week how long would that take to mark? how many of your staff would say 'no problem' not many i bet. i worked as an AST for two years and all i did was go around schools all over leicester and set up learning logs. objectives and marking nearly always came up as an issue.
    i never spend more than 1 hour a week marking the logs. i don't use them as an in depth assessment for learning. yes i use them to assess but its more of a 'snapshot' as i call it as to what the child has learnt, their attitude towards learning or that particular subject that particular week. you learn a lot about the inside world of a child through their learning log. we had the stamps made to make marking easier because kids were doing more and more and it was taking longer to mark them. must keep the troops happy or you'll have a mutiny on your hands.
    if thought about they won't be issues if not then they COULD be that's all i'm saying ladies and gents. nothing more.
    they can and do work like magic and the fact that you are all thrashing it out together suggests to me that you will all produce some inspiring stuff.
    take care all and remember you are supposed to be on your holidays!

  14. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    The holidays are when I realise how much I do enjoy my job because you have time to reflect and think about new ideas like this thread. Do teachers ever really switch off?
  15. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    PS love the website and the pictures of the learning logs. Very inspirational although I'm not sure how far down that road we will go. Start small and see how it goes with individual pieces I think. I certainly think that my homework will be more purposeful this year. Mind you, I'm saying that in the holidays when I have time to think about it. Pressure and time may well see the odd worksheet coming out as well.
  16. I think that you need to come up with something that works for you in your situation, I can see our children (and parents) really getting behind this idea, the best homework I've had this year has been the open ended investigation topic based stuff, not the sheets of lit or num problems! I am really excited about this, and I agree, holiday time is a good time to reflect and think about what you do and why and if you could do it better/more effectively
  17. I give very open homework tasks and love the outcome. I don't have books because I often give children the option of presenting in different ways. I've had models, zigzag books, puppet theatres, posters, photos and powerpoint presentations to name a few! I've also done performance homeworks where they have to do something like find a poem and prepare a performance of it, or make a shadow puppet and practise a performance.
  18. Possible ideas based on a historical topic:

    Lit: create a biography of a historical figure.
    Num: Use a timeline as a number line to work out the distance between certain events.
    Write a diary entry for that person.
    Create a collage of the person - my children loved making their Henry VIII with rather crazy beards!
    DEsign a castle for Henry - attempt to build a 3d one.
    Use a template of a tudor house to build and create your own tudor village - have suitable occupations for the inhabitants.
    Sci: Design an outfit for Henry testing various materials for waterproofness, resistance to rubbing.
    Compose some music for a feast and create a dance for it.
    Make some jumbles - tudor bicsuits - taste pretty disgusting but the chidlren still ate them!

    Once you start thinking, you can think of various ideas all based around one theme. Would the idea be for free choice from this range for a period of weeks or drip feed 2 or 3 activities a week?

    Hope this help?

  19. Danny what stampers do you use for homework? I can see that if chidlren were doing loads at home this would become a problem and to be honest not keen to do loads of marking on these but clearly need to do something or kids and families will quickly feel they are not valued at all
  20. bluerose.
    if you lok on the home page for the site you will see a large yr6learning log the one that was used for the teachers TV program. it has a design on the front. that was put together by the children and then my wife drew it. one of the icons is of a clenched fist. the kids said that meant 'i've got it' so we had a stamp made with the clenched fist on it. so when the child has 'got it' we stamp that piece of work. just quick and easy. we used this for about a year and the kids started to ask for a stamp for when they 'hadn't got it' so to speak. so i said to my class design me a stamp the all the school can use and we'll get one made. they came up with a road sign with ' stop think again' written underneath the sign. so if they have not quite grasped a concept we stamp it with 'stop think again' and they can then go back to it later or we can talk about it. or if lots of the group haven't got it we can revisit it.
    the first stamp costs about £30 to have made then after that they are much cheaper. staff were very pleased when we had these made because it made life easier for them. the children get a merit for each stamp they receive. however, that's changing because for my NPQH school based project i'm introducing a personalised reward scheme linked to the learning logs.

    take care

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