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Homework - lets share and be creative

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bluerose, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. hikazzyhotmail.co.uk and ill try to incorporate them into the final homework file i upload from here Thanks
  2. It's great that your're willing to share, but please, please put your planning up on resources (perhaps with a link to make it easy for those who can't search!). That way this thread will remain as a great sharing thread as bluerose already commented, rather than developing a list of people asking you to email them!
  3. You have mail!
  4. On the resource bank now... sorry I always forget about doing that.
  5. LO: TO Investigate different settings for stories.

    Task: find/draw pictures/photos to represent Story settings. Label picture and write at least 3 words to describe it.

    e.g.Picture of Haunted house - Mystery Setting / Scary Setting..... vocabulary - misty, eerie, moonlit, hair-raising, creepy etc
  6. LO: To describe a good and bad character

    Task: Make a table with headings Good Characters / Bad Characters. Write down some examples - Big Bad Wolf, Ugly sisters, Cinderella.

    Choose / draw picture of a fairy tale character. Write down reasons why it is a good or bad character.
  7. im copying this post over from the other homework thread as i think its relevant and this is the thread i aim to pull together into something useful over summer

    138 | Posted by: Loz12 at 26 Jul 2007 08:43

    I love these ideas. We based our homework policy on this in the school I worked in last year. The parents and children loved our new approach and 'homework' became a much more enjoyable experience for all involved!


  8. Been catching up on the messages from last night. To go back to reading, is there anything on the reading connects website that might give some ideas about encouraging home reading? Worth a shot.
  9. thanks for that had a look there are some useful pointers
  10. tkh


    I am also very excited by the idea of creative homework and the great ideas that have been shared. It has prompted me to think of Bloom's taxonomy. This might provide a framework to consider when planning a range of tasks, so that tasks can be offered for different learning styles. This might link into the point system people have mentioned. Eg you must have one task from each subject area and points gained for different levels of thinking.

    For those who don't know what it is:

    Lots of great matrix plans, albeit australian:
  11. The Learning at Home grids look really interesting - like the way they link in with multiple intelligences and develop children's contribution to their household. Parents will probably love that, too! Thankyou.

    (Now I really do have to get on with that tidying - parents arrive tomorrow for a long weekend!!!)
  12. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    Homework that goes down well with parents in my experience is generally project homework. Having to follow the schools policy for homework, I'm limited in how 'creative' I can be, but I am always sure to send a copy of the project homework to parents in an envelope (so the kiddies don't know that their mum's and dad's know they have homework!). We use projects that tie in to whatever history we are doing (eg Victorians, Tudors etc).

    I've really been taken by some of the fantastc ideas and suggestions on this thread. Keep on suggesting guys. Really helpful!

    Andy ;)
  13. 146 | Posted by: gclark at 26 Jul 2007 18:46

    We tried using one topic based homework a week for Y5 - each week the focus changes, either science, maths or english. The challenge is open ended so can be differentiated by outcome and the main focus is on thinking skills; eg design and make a game using all or any of the 4 maths operations for either a younger child or for the class.
    This is now being taken on by other years but Y6 will remain with 3 homeworks per week as prep for senior school. Love the idea of using computers and emailing work but not all chn have access.

    Copied this off other homework thread
    would be good to have a homework that got children outdoors looking at the environment eg
    collect three differnt autumn leaves, can you find anything about the trees they come from? You could display this as labels around your leaves, or around drawings or photos you could add information re seeds etc

    What other outdoor homeworks could you give maybe one per term to focus whole school on this

  14. Great - haven't been on this thread for a while and it is really taking off.
    These are for mainly Y3 or Y4 but could be adapted easily

    Fractions - Using pictures/ drawings of foods such as apples, oranges pizza or chocolate bars demonstrate your knowledge of equivalent fractions

    Fantastic Mr Fox - Mr Fox had a duck for supper. If you were having a special meal for Christmas/ Easter/ Eid/ Diwali etc what would it be?

    Use this weeks spelling list in a letter to your favourite story book character

    Solids and Liquids Y4 - Make a list of 10 different liquids in your house. Can you find at least 3 small particle solids that behave like liquids?

    Make a poster to help your class revise ( whatever topic )for numeracy optional SATs
  15. One of the other ideas we had was to get the chn to research Fairtrade products - on the back of a debate about environmental change and effects of deforestation. Chn had to choose a product that could be produced by fairtrade or traidcraft and then think about how to advertise the packaging and sale of it making people aware of the environmental aspects. The homework was to present their adverts in their own way. some produced powerpoints and used CDs, email or memory sticks, others presented verbally using music or dance or drama or visually by poster.
    Maths one was to produce a class quiz related to information about the class - we then put it into a template of who wants to be a millionaire - chn loved seeing their questions and they had to think of alternative answers as well as the correct answers. Great ICT skills used in the lesson putting it together.
    Science (two week one)was to set up their own investigation for growing mung beans - they were given some seeds and containers - the previous lessons had been on growth and conditions for growth so it was evaluative too. Some chn took photos, some recorded through drawing and some wrote up their results. Two didnt do it but these are the ones who never bother. I kept a record of all homeworks completed and then informed parents on parents evening. Chn who completed all homeworks recieved a certificate and small( I mean small!!) gift.
  16. like the magazine idea
  17. I am loving this thread, as I detest the weekly maths sheet, reading comprension and spellings homework! Although some obviously need those things!
    How are people planning on sending this home? Will is be in a folder, book, sheets etc? If we are expecting them to spend time and effort on their homework, it needs to be presented in a nice way.
  18. vicky go and look at the learning log site think this would be a fabulous way to make it look good

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