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Homework - lets share and be creative

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bluerose, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. lavendar lass theres no stopping you now
  2. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    Toys & Maths

    Sorting - sort toys into materials they are made from or how they work - batteries, clockwork etc. Could use the net at home or old argos catalogues to cut and stick. Could reasearch further into how a toy is made - say a teddy - and either attempt one themselves or discuss process.

    Choose a 'popular' toy, put a photo in the middle and then write around it why it is popular, comments other children say about it, other things connected with it.

    Design an advert for a toy - either poster like on computer at home or drama - and video it.

    ??? any use?
  3. wow I go to school for the day and come back and find this!!!!!

    I am really loving this thread

    Maths investigation
    Does the tallest person in your house also have the largest feet? Longest arms? longest legs? biggest head? Measure the different parts of the people in your family, what did you find? decide how to present your findings.
  4. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    Not really linked to the way this thread has developed but an idea that I saw and thought might work for homework was linked to reading. You get the children to draw a picture of themselves reading in a favourite place and then get them to draw speech bubbles all around with their thoughts on reading. The bubbles can be about what they read, how, when, why etc. I thought it might be useful to do it at the beginning and end of a year.
    I got the idea out of Books for Keeps which I flicked through in the library.
  5. The learning logs can be used at first exactly like your homework sheets except that they are in a book. Whatever topic /unit you are studying, there will always be something that you cannot cover in as much detail as you would like. Use that.....only don't photocopy the whole sheet.

    Remember that the children will have to be introduced to this new way of recording especially if they have not experienced anything 'unstructured' previously.

    My first homework planned is about finding a minimum of 5 facts about the class name.... this year Badger Class.

    Ideal for a 'homework' book.
  6. What about putting a few sample layouts on the inside cover as inspiration? Or the rules.... eg (off top of head- further thought needed!!!)

    ... Answer the question in any way (writing/ drawing/ both/ pictures/ photos/ tables / webs)
    ... Use colour but NOT felt tip pens ( goes through to other side!!)
    ... add a sample (eg fabric piece)
    ... put in any additional info
  7. im loving this thread and thinking about how will i pull it all together and will we be able to keep it going through the summer like we did with speaking and listening one. Its already huge and its all people sharing rather than most long threads which are long lists of people asking for a copy of something!!

    as well as this learning log approach to homework to try to engage all families in learning at home im still looking for simple ways to check on home readers and get a reward system that will inspire children to want to read. Wondering about having a very simple sign it reading card for everyone (even thats too much for some!!) and then an optional reading log for those who want to write more comments to teacher and also for similar tasks to these for books which children could choose from a set of cards to do as they wished in log. Prizes for reading logs that are completed by pupils over a term. What do you think. Id used some of school links journal ideas before but the amount of effort and cost etc put in by school gave no real return at all
  8. Reading incentives - we have reading diaries but they are filled in by the few. Mostly the parents write read well or this was too easy.

    Most of us Staff gave it up as a bad job and we refused to give it out to Yr3 this year.

    Depends on your parents and catchment area I think.
  9. we used the ideas from the schoolslinks reading journals but printed them onto stickers which we stuck into an exercise book (reading journal) the children were then encouraged to begin the activity during guided reading and finish it at home, merits for returning book, merits for completing task extra merits for extra effort
  10. see many of ours dont get looked at or returned etc but dont feel not doing it is an option as some will do it and we should still be encouraging all to understand why this is a key parent role. So looking for ways to do this. Think if theres reward for kids as an incentive it enourages a few more the tasks are really for those who already read and have a families who really want to push that bit extra.
  11. We have hardback planners that look very official. The children write homework and targets in them. We get parents to initial them when children read (and add a comment if they like). What appears to be really important is that we check them every day. That way we can say to the child "oh dear, you haven't read for a couple of days" etc. They get a team point every time they read. There are still some children who don't read but a vast majority of the class read at some point in the week. We don't make any fuss about what they read. I think it is working because parents and children know we will look in the planner every day.
  12. I think this is key redrobin and try as i might to get a simple system that doesnt disrupt learning all we seem to end up with is something that doesnt work. Will try again in sept.
  13. Dinosaur project

    Create a table of dinosaur characteristics (lengths/heights/weights etc), perhaps start off with examples, children have to add X many more.
    e.g. Triceratops 10 meters
    Stegosaurus 6 meters
    Diplodocus 29 meters

    Can you make up some maths problems for others to solve?
    e.g. Which would be longer-four Stegosauruses or three Diplodocuseseses (don?t know the plural!)?

    Can you make a scale model of a dinosaur (bone)?

    Choose your favourite dinosaur and find out X number of facts about it:
    Habitat, diet, size, colour, time period, speed, teeth etc.

    Draw or cut out and stick in a picture of your favourite dinosaur.

    Explain why this dinosaur is your favourite.

    Recommend 3 good places where others can find out information about dinosaurs.

    Make a fossil nest of dinosaur eggs. Put a thick layer of modelling clay on the bottom of a small cardboard box. Press 9 or 10 marbles closely together in the clay. Mix one cup of plaster with water until easily poured. Pour it into the box and let dry. Tear away the box and lift the plaster off the modelling clay to see the fossil.

    Find out about ?living fossils?. Which creatures living today have survived since the time of the dinosaurs?

    Write a dinosaur riddle: I was a fierce dinosaur. My sharp teeth were 18 centimeters long. My back legs were stronger than my front legs. I was a meat-eating dinosaur. Who was I? (ans. Tyrannosaurus)

    Design your own dinosaur, perhaps choosing different characteristics from the ones they have found out about, and name it using the Greek/Latin words found in dinosaur names.

    Write a press release about the discovery of your dinosaur.

  14. Some ideas taken from a planning grid I have used for space/planets:

    Planet fact finding mission:
    How many planets are there in the solar system? How many satellites does each planet have?
    Grid the planets and state characteristics of each, e.g. temp, distance from sun and size.
    Create a drawing/painting/model of what you think a visitor from another planet would look like.
    Find out about the environment of one particular planet.
    What would life be like on that planet? What difficulties would you have?
    Compare it with the environment of our planet.
    Design five questions that you would like to ask a scientist about space/planets.
    Write a letter to a scientist with your questions.

    Space travel fact finding mission:
    Investigate spaceships and do a drawing of one.
    Design your own spaceship, mind map what you would need.
    Make a spaceship using different materials, including construction toys and junk materials.
    What if ? we could travel to Mars on holiday? What would it be like? What would you need to take?

    Perhaps these could be broken down into separate 'missions' to be done each week or so?
  15. I love the points idea and I am working out ways of adapting this for WW2 (will post when thought them through).

    One query though - would you give the list of tasks at beginning of term? Just thinking that I won't be covering the background to some of the tasks until later in the term. Do you think this matters or is the idea that the children will research more at home?
  16. I think that it may give them some incentive to get on and do their own research if they have the outline in advance. They could pick and choose which bits they want to do and which interest them most.
  17. re WWII post on other homework thread i think it was bluespinnaker who sent me something re this that set me off on this thread dont think i should pass it on but ask on there everyone else has.

    Space is clearly a good topic for this and dinosaurs is one many schools dont teach but kids love so maybe you could have a homework topic that runs parallel to class learning so uses and applys the maths you teach the english you teach eg writing descriptions, researching etc doing the measuring etc and a bit of craft too A new dimension but would be good in those places where kids and parents try to get one ahead of the teacher and possibly sometimes repeat what lesson will be this way they use skills taught and apply to another topic.
  18. I have some planning grids for a few different topics if they might be of use to anyone - space, weather, holidays, frogs, plants, minibeasts.
  19. if you can share them here that would be good
  20. I can email them to anyone that wants 'em. Send me an email or leave yours.


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