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Homework - lets share and be creative

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bluerose, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Shetland Kat are you going to use your natural disaster topic for homework i can see families loving making one of those vocanoes not thought around other parts yet. This reminds me a what you see in American movies about kids making science projects.
  2. Hi all

    Just wandering around the forum and stumbled upon this thread - who doesn't need inspiration for homework?!
    The learning logs look interesting but I can't seem to find out from the site how they work exactly? Can anyone point me to an explanation? I have mixed Y 3 and Y4 and they, their parents and me detest homework so anything creative would be fab!

    Many thanks
  3. This sounds great - it it's half as good as the S&L thread last summer the ideas will be fab! Also avoiding housework, but not feeling too inspired just yet. Here are a few of my incomplete thoughts! Maybe they can be added to......

    1. LO To know how 3D shapes are used in packaging/real life etc
    Activity: Find examples of food packaging in as many different 3D shapes as possible and draw them (stick net in learning log?)

    2. LO Create a fable with a moral.
    Activity: Draw it as a cartoon strip. (Link with work on film to highlight use of close-ups, top-shots etc?) Could scan in drawings onto computer in school and turn into a power point etc.

    3. Write a book or film review - teacher can specify certain vocabulary that must be used (and perhaps some boring vocab that must not). Review could be presented on tape or as interview between two people. Present review as discursive text, poem, etc acording to genre of writing being studied at time.

    4. Look at birth notices in local paper - write one to reflect arrival of new babies in stories (eg goslings in Charlotte's Web)

    5. Create a Wanted Ad for a new home for a frog - will need to think about requirements of habitat etc.

  4. Lavendar Lass thats the joy of these forums you can bounce ideas of each other

    1. LO To know how 3D shapes are used in packaging/real life etc

    Activity: Find examples of food packaging in as many different 3D shapes as possible. These can be recorded in any way you choose eg
    draw a package and label saying what it is and what shape name it has.
    draw package and a net for a shape and write its name
    unfold some packages and stick them as nets into log
    take photos of packages and put in log with label of shape name.
    Try to build a model using as many differnt shaped packages as possible and draw a diagram in your log or make a list or table in log of all packages used. You can bring model or photo of it in as well.

    Sure this could be developed further
  5. 2. LO Create a fable with a moral.

    Step one decide on your two main animal characters what they look like and how they behave, record in your log as written descriptions, pictures with labels or maybe a photo of you dressed up or of toy or real animal with labels.
    Step 2 choose your moral ( if you are stuck use this list from other fables)
    Step 3 draft a plan for your fable this can be on a planning sheet from school as a mind map or picture list. Dont forget the key features of your fable need to be....
    Step 4 draw out you fable as a story board.

    (If at any point you get stuck for an idea take one of hte fables we've talked about in class and change an element eg swop the tortoise in the hare and the tortoise for a snail and maybe the hare for a cheetah.)

    Step 5 plan how to take this the next step at school your choices will be to
    1) make it into a film- if this is your choice decide on how to make characters will they be actors, toys, models etc, where will you have close ups etc plan this out
    2) make a powerpoint presentation scanning your pictures in what else will you need, other text which effects, sound?
    3) plan to make this into a bound book what sort of illustrations will you use will you do it or use photos or clip art, what font will you use, will the book use comic strip or picture and text style
    3) can you think of another way youd choose to share this work?
  6. 3. Write a book or film review - teacher can specify certain vocabulary that must be used (and perhaps some boring vocab that must not). Review could be presented on tape or as interview between two people. Present review as discursive text, poem, etc acording to genre of writing being studied at time. See with this think they need more freedom eg

    Take a week to choose a book or film or favourite TV programme to review. It needs to be something that you like. In your Log record your first thoughts and how you decide which one you will review.

    Week 2 Think carefull about how you wish to present this review here are some suggestions
    Write up a review for a newspaper (here are some examples)
    Conduct a pretend interview with a key character in the book/film/programme to find out and share lots of information about the book/film/programme. This could be a written interview or a recorded one with written transcript or a filmed one.
    You could record your thoughts about this book/film/programme in a poem or as a song.
    You could create a photo interview with your pretend character with speech bubbles if you can find someone willing to act out the part for you.

    Remember at the end of this your review should make someone want to watch or read this book/film/programme.
  7. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    Bluerose - I've not finally decided what i want to do for my project, but something is gripping me on the whole volcanoe/earthquake thing.

    If i do choose to do that as a project then i would be looking to link something to it for the homework learning log thing. Your volcano idea sounds good - do you mean a model volcano or the bicarbonate of soda experiment?

    Also, for the learning logs, would you give the children big blank jotters for them to use? I guess it depends on what you are wanting back from them but that is how i see it working.

    Over last term i had a fishbowl in the class, each day when the children felt they had learned something, they took a post it note, wrote what they had learned, their name and the date and folded it into the fishbowl. It was great watching the fishbowl fill up. At the beginning of next term i plan to empty it with the children and read them all ready to inspire them again for the next term. I wondered if something like that could be done with the learning log - the children could discuss their learning over the day/couple of days/week with their parents then they could write/draw/put in photo etc of their learning that day. Emphasis would be put that it didnt have to be hugely time consuming each night. What do you think?

    Are you trying to get all children to read for enjoyement more or to read their reading books or is it just some children?

  8. Kat think i was thinking the volcano model combined with experiment here are a few links
    http://homeschooling.gomilpitas.com/explore/volcanos.htm this site has links to earthquakes etc down side with ways to demo them too

    yes im picturing blank scrap book type books and yes your view is probabaly how wed try them out if i can persuade someone to give it a go.

    For me its all about getting children to actually want to find things out and learn outside school (and at school would be good!!) and to get parents to engage. This system encourages engagement at all levels. As a parent i know i struggle with homework but something we could all help with and have a bit of fun with sounds better than hassling over worksheets!!!

    Re reading a handful of ours read really well at home rest not so at least half some classes lose books. We are not good enough at keeping check of these but when so many kids especially juniors dont bring a bag to school its clear they wont be bringing a book. Im not overly fussed what they read just want them to actually read.
  9. what about a homework around the history of toys or just toys in general any ideas
  10. That would lend itself to whole family participation on favourite toys. I was asked to draw and describe my favourite toy for my daughter's reception class. The children did their own favourite toys in class and made a book. You could also do surveys to build up a database of favourite toys and games - something we did with school memories.
  11. so something like

    Look at your favourite toy and put picture in centre of page. Put words around the edge of the picture to describe what it looks, feels and sounds like. (here is a bank of words which might help with this task)

    Think about why this is your favourite toy, can you write a sentence to show this or get someone to help you?

    Ask at least six members of your family or friends what their favourtite toy is or was. For each one create a record this could be a photo, a picture cut from a catalogue, a drawing or a written sentence. When you bring this back to school we will use this information to create a graph. (you could have info available for those who dont do it to use)

    Pick at least one of these people to find out why they liked that toy so much. Record this in your log.

    Pick three toys from these pictures or you could use three pictures of your own toys. See if you can make up a picture/scene using all three of these toys. what are they doing can you draw around them. Or you could put three toys together and take a picture of them to include.

    In class you could build on this by giving a story like three bears and they re write it putting their three toys into it. They could then have a copy of this story put into their log to take home and illustrate so parents can see how its developed.

  12. any more ideas re maths or is this approach better for other areas
  13. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    I'll think over tea and get back on toys and maths

  14. Get out and observe the night sky - find a particular constellation/star that you want to research and find out more about it.
    Could hand out maps of constellations for current month - download from
  15. Measures: give each child an IKEA tape measure - how many things in your house measure approximately 1 metre, 1 centimetre.
    Measure the height of each person in the family and make up problems so rest of class can guess how tall they are.
    Use a timetable (given or chosen themselves) to plan a journey somewhere you'd like to go, include at least 2 changes.
    Make a card clock. Draw a comic strip to show your day, with clock picture showing time for each picture.
    Make pop-up cards with given measures / proportions.
    Give one of those "magic number" puzzles. See if they can work out how it's done and make up own to amaze the class.
  16. Could you do a sort of market research thing for maths using designing a new product and link 3D shape (boxes/ containers), data handling, weights, finding differences. Need to think bit more about it; will get back to you on this.

    I did something with Year 5 where they were a pop group on tour. They designed their own catalogue for stuff they would sell at their concerts, then we did problem solving from this. Also they worked out their tour itinery, dates, times, distances to travel between gigs, costs etc. It was done between home and school. Again needs to be a bit more structued
  17. like these- often felt tempted by ikea pencils and tapes good reason for lots of visits so can take a few at a time!!!!
  18. http://www.maryrose.org/lcity/
    Choose a role on board ship and find out as much as you can about what it involves write diary, draw up timetable of day, write job ad for role, draw/make models of tools of trade etc.
    Decide how to present to rest of class so all learn from your learning.

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