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Homework - lets share and be creative

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bluerose, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. dl200 like your ideas thought id have a play with them
    Do a sound survey of your home.
    You could sort sounds by rooms or by times of day or maybe you have another idea.
    How to present your findings
    -pictures with captions
    - another way

    Now can you
    make a quiz about the sounds you heard OR
    make a board game about them OR
    make a card game about them.

    Make sure you play the games or quiz to try it out before you bring it in. Have fun

    This could follow on from or follow similar activity in school and could be followed by creating a similar survey based on imagination for place of own choice real or imaginary eg castle, haunted house, zoo.
    Can you find out about who invented the wireless and create a presentation about him choose your own format.


    Do a light survey of your home, looking for everything that is a source of light.
    You could sort sounds by rooms or maybe you have another idea.
    How to present your findings
    -written report
    -pictures with captions
    - another way

    Now can you
    make a quiz about the light sources you found OR
    make a board game about them OR
    make a card game about them.

    Using reflection; can you show how you could light your house using the least number of bulbs?

    Can you find out about who invented the light bulb and create a presentation about him choose your own format.
  2. Recycling would be great

    Can you take an object that would normally be thrown into the bin and make it into something useful.

    CAn you do a survey of the waste your families throw in the bin in a week? Present results in own way eg
    table, graph, report, pictures with captions, list.

    Find out what you can recycle locally, present information in own format eg map, report, photos with captions.

    Can you find out about the recylcing process for glass, metal,or paper and present the information.

    For water preservation maybe ask them to have tick chart for every time toilet is flushed in day, bath run, shower run washing machine put on etc and then for older children give a calculator to work out average use eg washing machines use x litres each time.

    Survey where water is used a bit like light and sound above.

    think of ways you could reduce water useage in home

    Make posters

    Design poster to promote conserving water
    Monitor water usage in home? - Dont know how that could be done exactly?
  3. thanks Bluerose. You've put a lot of time into creating that and drawing everthing together. It's really practical, useful and reader friendly document. Hope you are now going to enjoy the rest of your holidays!
  4. Thank you so much!
  5. Thankyou so much Bluerose for compiling this - must have taken days!

    The generosity of people on this site is just wonderful.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday!
  6. Hi Kat how was first day
  7. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    Hi Blue, first day was fine. Bit annoyed as the remote for my brand new promethean has been 'misplaced' since the last day i was up at school and now i cant get my brand new IWB turned on. :( Was planning to spend today working with it and figuring the whole activ primary thing out. We have now put in a request for a new one. Serious pain. I do think it was a toddler who 'took it for a walk', ive been on my hands and knees all over the school looking in sand trays, lego, boxes, every possible tray and gap at toddler height, but just cant find it!!! These things are sent to try you!! ha ha.

    Thanks so much for putting that together. It really looks fab and i cant wait to go through it with my HT tomorrow. I wondered about still keeping this thread going with ideas that come to us as we start to do this in our schools. And also could be aplace to log things we've found out, done differerntly, what works and so on as well as keeping the bank of ideas? What do you think?

    Kat :)
  8. Can you not switch it on from the prjector? Have something I am workign on in activ primary I will send you x
  9. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    Nope!! Stupid projector doesnt have a button!! i was standing on chairs searching for that along with being on my hands and knees! ha ha. Would love you to send me something. Thanks!!
  10. C30

    C30 New commenter

    Thanks for posting the compilation booklet- it is really helpful.

    Maybe there should be a new thread, something like "Feedback on Creative Homework" so this doesn't get too long and lost. Just an idea.
  11. Think new thread linked to this one might be an idea where people can start posting things theyve tried and how its working if theyve managed to get anything going as well as new activities people think of as when threads get long people tend to switch off. Maybe leave this one for a couple more weeks though as most people arent back and setting it up yet- sorry Kat know you are!! Good luck with projector
  12. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    Hello! thats alright as i wont be setting it up immediately anyway. :)
  13. Hi
    The reason the projector has no buttons is to try and help stop the theft of projectors. The remote is the only way to turn this on and if you have lost it you will be able to get a replcement by contacting your supplier and giving your details.

    Not much help for you I know, but you can access the software on the laptop/computer though without the board.

    Hope that helps.

    www.prometheanplanet.com/uk click on forum and register may also help...
  14. Thanks for doing all of that work blue rose - I will enjoy using the resource
  15. i really hope it inspire lots of exciting projects and that some post on learning logs site
  16. Oh this looks interesting. Have just been on Learning Logs website and it has taken me back to my primary days of always having a project on the go. I think this is the kind of thing we need to bring back into Primary so I for one will be trying to push for it.
  17. Ok, so I'm planning to implement learning logs in my year 4 class as a new approach to homework, but not as a whole school initiative. I'm still an NQT so I hope it's not going to rock the boat - it'll be within the homework policy the school uses as I'll be setting homework once a week and it will cover Literacy or Maths plus one other subject. Do you think that's ok? I'm planning the front covers now and have suddenly realised that maybe they'll have to be called homework books rather than learning logs.
    giggle. x
  18. Sounds OK to me. I want to have ago at just choosing one topic/subject area and have put together the ideas from this thread to present to my HT to see if she will let me trial it in Y3. Have a look at my thread on learning log for books - you could adapt that. What are your front covers like? Have you bought the books yourself?
  19. Thanks Tilly. The books are just bog-standard exercise books ordered by the school for homework. Covers have funky clipart on (astronaut, prism, globe, etc.) :) Think I'll probably introduce one subject to start with then move to 2 when they're ready. The thing about learning logs is they tick the boxes about what homework should be about :)
    giggle. x

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