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Homework - lets share and be creative

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bluerose, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    Loving the science theme.

    Lots of great ideas on here recently.

    Been busy recently but will get back on track with ideas!
  2. Busy planning "Garden of Creation" for the first half term. It's linked to our RE, Science and Poetry and novel study in Lit. Have got some ideas for homework (but it's just a stream of conciosness at the mo that i'm not too sure about ) if anybody can suggest any more science/ RE they'd be much appreciated.Have pretty much got the Lit side sewn up.

    Design and make a flower to attract inescts for pollination
    Design an insect for pollination
    Collect different types of seeds (or pictures of seeds) Sort them\into groups depending on seed dispersal
    Based on the description of your animal - design a suitable habitat
    Create a game/quiz to help explain scientific vocab linked to ...
    Choose three different habitats. For each find an animal and plant that has adapted to that environment and explain how
    Write your own creation myth/ How the birds got their colours etc
    Write an encylopeadia entry for ...
    Devise a sorting diagram to show different animal families
    Who was Charles Darwin and what was he famous for.Produce a fact file about him.

    Not sure whether to go with the points system or the weekly learning log yet.

  3. im thinking weekly learning log and points systems could work together eg a few weeks with simple weekly log tasks then central to term a block of several weeks including half term break for a points system project possibly linked to class topic or maybe at some times a free type topic and then finish term with couple more weekly logs.
  4. think i mentioned this earlier in thread definetely thought it in U.S. TV shows they often refer to kids science projects eg in SImpsons and just found this site that could inspire that type of idea
  5. Thanks BlueRose, yes it wold make sense to combine the two - that way it will also give me time to meet with parents to introduce the idea and get their views. Had a look at the website - a mini science project seems a good way to go. have got Y6 and am determined to keep the children motivated and get them tuned into SATs withoiut them realising!
  6. back on track with the document im compiling from this will spend next week adding last bits and tweaking then post it in resources. Apologies to anyone whose posts and ideas have not been included its not intentional!! Its nothing brilliant but might be easier to read and save for future
  7. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    What about children who are learning their phonics?

    What about taking the sound/sounds they've been working on that week and

    - the older ones who can read and are onto blends could look for their sounds in books, comics etc - cut and stick evidence, or take photo of it
    - those who cant read could listen for the sound in their night time book?

    - Take photos of things at home with their sound in the word

    - make an object using playdoh or other malleable material that has the sound/blend in the beginning/middle

  8. sure you could devise a simple list of sound ones and then each week child could have sheet with sounds they are recapping on and then choose how to reinforce it. So those with more creative parents or who have more time one week might choose more complex one eg create a board game to practice the following sounds (base boards available if required) or make a set of sound snap cards. Then others could do simpler task of listening to a story or reading a comic.
    Maybe if some weeks you provided home made play dough (in bag with recipe) then some would chose the play dough idea
  9. You could copy the phonics idea for spellings as well - find whole spellings in books, find the spelling patterns in books,
  10. better than boring lists of spellings to learn for tests that you still dont remember for work!!
  11. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    Yeah, that's great! Any other ideas then, working on the phonics/spellings idea?

    What about drawings? Role play involving the word's in the correct context?
  12. This is the sound /These are the sounds that you've been learning/revising this week (could change this to spellings)

    Can you do at least x of these activities looking for your sounds

    find them in a book and copy them down(or get a grown up to) (use colours to make the sounds stand out)
    find them in newspapers or magazines and cut them out and stick in book
    collect book titles with your sounds in (write down)
    collect TV programme titles with your sounds in (write down or cut out of TV book and highlight)
    collect food labels with your sounds in (write down or cut out and stick)
    - Take photos of things at home with your sound in the word
    - make an object using playdoh or other malleable material or a model that has your sound in (dont forget the recipe for play dough is in school)
    create a board game to practice yourbsounds (base boards available if required)
    make a set of sound snap cards to practice your sounds it can have others too
    can you act out doing something that has your sound in and draw a picture with captions of this or take a photo
    can you do some cooking and look for your sounds in the ingredients and in the cooking activity (write words down or photograph the activity and make notes)
    can you draw a big picture and draw arrows to all the things with your sound in
    can you make a short video/audio recording with lots of things in with your sounds in.

    Think either before i did this id have a set up example for each activity that people could view so would understand.

    Think these would make fantastic family learning activities.
    Kat for your pupils if say there was an older and younger child the older child could maybe earn points for helping with the practicalities eg the video the game etc to support the phonics of younger child
  13. C30

    C30 New commenter

    So many great ideas here - thanks all!

    I also think that this "100 activities for the summer" in the resource bank can be helpful in providing homework ideas - the children could be asked to do one of the activities and record how it was done/how they felt/etc... in a manner of your choosing (list, pictures, photos, charts etc..)

  14. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    Thanks blue. These ideas are great.
    I am taking on the letterland scheme this year as the other support teacher is on maternity and her cover only comes in PM which is no use for new P1's. Im a bit nervous of doing it as i have never done it before! I am busy reading up on the letterland scheme just now. Any advice would be much appreciated! ;)
  15. i thought everyone was abandoning letterland these days.

    C30 ill go and look at that resource later thanks
  16. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    I look forward to seeing the resource doc Bluerose, it's a major undertaking with all the ideas on here. Thank you for spending the time on it.
  17. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    Yeah, i thought everyone was abandoning letterland too. I have suggested ruth miskin and Jolly phonics but never got taken up on it.
  18. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    What about on the recycling and conserving water theme?

    Make junk models?
    Find out what you can recycle locally
    Take photo of trip to bottle bank

    Design poster to promote conserving water
    Monitor water usage in home? - Dont know how that could be done exactly?


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