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Homework - lets share and be creative

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bluerose, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. for habitats

    cut out pictures of animals from magazines/ newspaper advertisements.
    Find as many different colours of paper from magazines and newspaper ads as you can
    Bring to school
    Use art inspired by Henri Matisse - recreate his jungle style art as a collage with the cut out papers
  2. had begun to think this thread had run its course but maybe not.
    Feeling ill at moment and as to trying to get house clean ive given up because as son as you do they trash it- that fridge magnet that says housework with kids is like shovelling snow when its still snowing is about right!! I took all these chair covers off (no mean feat in itself) washed them hoping theyve not shrunk, put them in pile and youngest dribbled blackcurrant lolly all over them
  3. I do sympathise, bluerose, it is a constant uphill struggle. I bought leather sofas for that reason and there is always a plentiful supply of leather cleaning wipes... do they use them if they spill/drop/mucky up? Nope, still me!
  4. wish id done that!! if you could see house at moment as younger ones left to own devices for a day!!! Also putting off tacking kids rooms as soon deteriorates back into pit but will have to be done as soon as feel a bit better
  5. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    Hope you feel better soon Bluerose:-(
  6. sad to say that as they get older they get messier- hope you're feeling better Bluerose and thanks for this thread! All I have to do is convince the rest of the team!
  7. thanks for that, better than yesterday
  8. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    But then when they get older still they get tidier because they're not around so much. Glad you're feeling better Bluerose.
    How about asking them to do something on character from TV. Watch a programme and pick a character in it. What did you learn about them that you didn't know before? Or something along those lines.
  9. Like the idea of the character - wicked witch.
    Just want to ask......How old are the kids when they get 'older'?

    Mine are 24 and 21 - just moved back home plus a temporary (moving into flat in 5 weeks and 3 days!!!) girlfriend..... I'm afraid to pass their doors - not sure what will try to escape next..... and their bathroom and toilet.... well for 3 adults over 21 ..... words fail me!!!!

    Cleaning up is moving things up off the floor so they have a path to the otherside of the room.

    I wonder how I failed...
  10. Adding on to wicked witch's idea about characters from TV - same could be done for settings.

    Find at least 6 types of story settings using the shows that you watch on the TV. Write a brief description.

    Present your findings as a chart with the possible headings of
    TV Show
    Gentre(?) Horror/Sci Fi etc
  11. Think using TV is great idea as its rare to find family who doesnt have one (if they are in your class then clearly these posts are of no use)

    An excuse to watch lots of TV and call it homework

    You need to watch 5 TV programmes and at least 3 different sorts of TV programmes eg a cartoon based one, a drama, a factual programme.

    For each programme report back on it in a chosen format here are some ideas
    1) a written review
    2) a recorded oral review
    3) a filmed review
    4) a picture board using photographs or drawings with cations that tell us about the programme.

    Each review whatever method you choose should tell us a little about what the programme was about, what age range you think it was suitable for, whether you enjoyed it and why, who if anyone you'd recommend the programme to. You might also want to give it a star rating out of 5
  12. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    Mine are now 19 and 22 Rosalie, my son now lives in Leeds so his room is lovely and tidy! Daughter's room still a problem but as she has a house in Brum some of her stuff is there so there's less to make a mess with.
    I definitely like the idea of using TV, after all, they're going to watch it anyway, might as well watch with purpose.
  13. oh poo doesnt sound like ill get a remotely tidy house for many years- spent most of day restliing with one of the rooms and only half sorted now!!

    How about choose favourite TV programme and write a script for it this can as it happened or make own up. Write in form of playscript. Or you could film your own version or draw each scene with captions and speech bubbles
  14. talulabell

    talulabell New commenter

    i could be a pain in the bum asking this but havent had he internet for a while and wondered if anyone could catch me up with this post, its too long to read but seems really useful
  15. Was looking on www.schoolslinks.co.uk and came across a Reading Journal for Yr 3. Lots of ideas including this one about Authors.

    Chosse and author and find out as much information as you can about him or her:
    Place of Birth
    Books by this Author
    Interesting facts and info

    Well worth a look
  16. Obviously TOO late.... or should I say early!!!!

    **Choose an Author**
  17. Tallula it started out as a way to share alternatives to the traditional worksheet homework. Looking for ways to make homework relevant and fun and also something that would involve all kinds of families.
    There are a range of options we were inspired by the learning logs site, others have suggested a points system whereby you give a longer term project eg term or half term and list of possible activities some worth more points than others and children have to aim for certain number of points so lots of choice with children.
    Also emphasis on different ways of presenting work eg writing drawing filming models etc
    Finally a lot of later posts have looked at things the poorest families could access eg linking to TV.
    My aim by end of summer is to pull this together with all the organisationl thoughts together and the ideas so it will be a document to find in resources and download which might be easier to use and read.

    Love schoollinks journals we tried to use them but the feedback was way to poor to make it worthwhile but using some of ideas occasionally would be good

    Could use similar questions re any celebrity since guess lot have access to magazines with info too.
  18. talulabell sorry for miss typing your name got a little distracted here
  19. We haven't done much on sci topics so here's an idea for Rocks and Soils

    Draw what is underneath the earth.
    Play a game imagining that you were journeying to the centre of the earth.
    Draw a cartoon of your play adventure
    Write your play adventure as a story

    Collect soil samples from 3 different areas - add water and shake- what comes to the surface?

    Make a rock collection of as many different coloured rocks as you can. try to find out about the different rocks types that you've found.

    Using small rocks, create a picture outside and take a photo (aka art attack)

    Build your own volcano using paper maiche and the exploding bicarb!

    any other ideas?


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