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Homework - lets share and be creative

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bluerose, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. ive looked now think it depends on the parents, i wouldnt send this to ours as if they bothered to read it would probably get stressed. However if i was sent this by my school would be less concerned althoug think it needs to follow soemthing eg a consultation re types of homework that could occur etc dont think would start with audit
  2. I wonder whether the Primary Projects on the Learning Connections site could be useful? It has projects based around Ancient Egyptians, Artists, Aztecs, The Human Body, Inventors and Discoverers, The Earth and beyond, Tudors and Victorians. Each project has ideas, links, resources, printable activity pages and other stuff.

  3. Brilliant ideas on this thread, I work in an SLD school and am trying to think of a way I might be able to use learning logs and these homework ideas with my pupils who are P4 to NC level 2... a bit tricky. (Any ideas wold be appreciated!!)

    Shetland-kat..I would add paper, I taught at a school where very few of the pupils had access to paper at home...I think this is a brilliant start.

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but if your pupils know what learning style they are, the homework tasks could be something like..
    Visual learners could....
    Kinasthetic learners could
  4. Kat - what about Publisher as well as Word and PowerPoint?
  5. Thinking about the audit some more maybe a question re if it was felt that children needed basic access to some of these materials (not the computer related ones) would you be willing to purchase them if school could sell them
  6. Thinking about using the outdoors more has anyone any suggestions for some Autumn Term activities for using outdoors

    How many different types of leaves can you collect from trees. Tape leaves in book or do rubbings of leaves.
    Can you name these trees? Can you tell us anything else about these trees
  7. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    Oh i so wish we had Autumn up in Shetland! We dont have trees, so we never see changing colours (what little trees we have, the leaves just go brown with the salt wind and fall off the trees) no conquers (SP!!), acorns etc. No reds, oranges, pinks, yellows to admire.

    I was amazed by autumn when i went to university, I had never seen 'Autumn' before. So i took lots of pics and that is the only way of showing the children what autum looks like.

  8. Collect a variety of leaves and challenge students to use a tree guide from the library to identify the kind of tree from which each leaf comes. To protect the leaves, you could laminate them and then use them as mobiles to hang at the window (or get a plastic CD multi-pocket thing and fill them with different leaves)
    Collect samples of colourful leaves and place the leaves between sheets of wax paper. Set the iron to a hot setting. Cover the layers of wax paper with a couple sheets of newspaper and iron them.

    Observe the effects of light on the colour of leaves. When leaves on a tree are still green, invite each child to cover part of a leaf with aluminum foil. (Choose a tree that you know will turn bright colors.) Use masking tape to tape the foil to the leaf. Children can sign their name on the masking tape. Wait until the leaves on the tree change colour. Then remove the foil and see the colours that were in the leaf all summer!

    Get children to work in teams to take a census of the trees in your school grounds, an area of a nearby park, or another defined area. They can use the survey data to create bar graphs that show the numbers of trees of different species.

    Create an autumn word search. Possible words: llaf, veales, pinkump, rogane, Sbermpete, tamuun, tempgin, phlorlochyl, lowley (fall, leaves, pumpkin, orange, September, autumn, pigment, chlorophyll, yellow)

    Leaf rubbing - first place a leaf flat on the table. Then place a sheet of tracing paper over the leaf. Use a soft pencil or a crayon and gently rub over the tracing paper until the outline of the leaf shows through. Add additional leaves and use different colours for a nice effect. Nice for an autumn display.
  9. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    yes, paper and publisher should go on.

    Bluerose, i think i would ask if they were willing to purchase some items from the school. Thats a good idea.

  10. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    I like that learning connections website.

  11. I teach mixed Y3 and Y4 and we have Romans as our topic up until Christmas so some ideas for Romans...
    1. design a roman maze using reflective symmetry
    2. use the Ready Steady Roman Cooking idea
    3. mint your own roman coins
    4.design and make a roman outfit for a slave and a rich person
    5.create an outdoor game for roman children to play
    6.Plan a trip across UK visiting only Roman towns and using as many roman roads as possible.
    7.Play a game imagining the romans invading - how would you feel as a Roman? How were the romans organised? HOw would you feel as a celt?
    8. Research the roman gods and design your own
    9. Write a secret message in Roman numerals (with an alphabet key)

    Any other ideas appreciated!

    I have to admit I dry up when thinking about Sci or maths links! When other people are churning these ideas out, do you think of ideas which cover specific subjects or just think creatively?

  12. For 2 points = Make a list things that we would use now that the
    Romans used and one of things we don't use now
    Create a timeline and include 5 events on it from your studies of the
    Draw/paint a picture of something from Romans times eg a Roman
    banquet, or chariot racing Write a caption to go with

    For 5 points =

    Create a poster advertising a Roman muserum collection. (This can be
    done on the computer)
    Write a short newspaper report announcing the invasion of Britain
    (Include a Catchy Headline!)(decide whether youre a Roman or British
    newspaper first)
    Write a diary entry from someone in a British village that gets taken
    over b the Romans.
    Write a diary entry from someone working in a Roman Villa in Britain
    Dress up as someone from Roman times. Have your photo taken and write
    a caption to go with it.
    Create a leaflet about an exhibit for the museum.
    Find an interesting paragraph about Roman life in a book. Make notes
    and write about it in your own words. Dont forget to write title of

    For 8 points =

    Make a 3D model of an item from Roman times
    Write a food diary for one day if you were member of a Roman household
    household/if you can try to do same for a British person during the
    same period.
    Find a Roman recipe(ancienct or modern). Create this recipe and take
    a photo to show your creation. (Write the recipe to go with your
    photo in case others would like to have a go)
    Design a job advert for someone to work as a servant in a Roman villa
    Write your own Roman poem.
    Write a description of arriving at one of the Vilas to work for an
    important Roman leader. (It was dark as i arrived , i was nervous but
    also excited as i approached the Villa it looked so different to my
    own home. I looked up in awe at the building before me-what would my
    life bring...)
    Imagine you are member a Roman leaders household. Write a letter home
    your family.

    For 10 points =

    Write a report on Caesar
    Get someone to pretend they were a Roman milatary leader or you could
    be this person.
    Conduct an interview.Write out the questions and answers.
    With permission, watch a film with a Roman theme. Write a film
    Write a story with an Roman theme, maybe something linked to an
    object This could be present day set in museum or linked to an
    artefact in your home.

    A few extra bits

    Learn a Roman song or dance

    Find as many countries as possible that the Romans invaded. Draw
    their flags and write a sentence to go with each flag.

    Make a 3D model of one a Roman Villa and/or a Home from Britain.

    For maths how about some maths done using roman numerals
  13. thanks for those ideas re autumn. Kat im shocked id no idea you didnt get it up there. Ive always thought New England in Fall sounds beautiful.

    Trying to think of a few linked to looking for creatures.
  14. I've just done these for my RE topic on fair trade issues

    For 2 points

    Design a poster persuading people that fair trade products are better
    Play an online fair trade game and write a review, explaining how it gets you to think about fair trade or environment issues.

    For 4 points

    Find out what fair trade products are available. Design a word search or crossword using these words.
    Design a fair trade chocolate bar and wrapper ? advertise how it is fair trade.

    For 8 points

    Find a recipe that uses fair trade products. With permission, make it at home. Take a photograph or draw a picture (or even better ? bring it in for us to taste!).
    Design a fair trade quiz.
    Choose a picture of a worker ? make a list of questions you would like to ask him or her. For a bonus two points, answer them in role.

    For 10 points

    Research online games and design your own based on ?fair trade?. Explain how it focuses on fair trade or environment issues.
    Design a questionnaire that finds out what people know about fair trade and why they are/are not buying fair trade products. Write a report that makes recommendations (suggestions on how to get more people to buy fair trade).
    Come up with your own idea!
  15. thank you
  16. LO: To solve problems using money

    Mum and dad have decided that they will give you extra pocket money for helping out at home! But the most that they will pay you is £5 per week.

    Washing, drying and putting away the dishes £1.00
    Vacuuming the lounge £0.75
    Tidying and polishing the lounge £0.75
    Tidying, cleaning and vacuuming your bedroom £2.00
    Weeding the garden £1.50
    Cleaning the car £2.50
    Taking out the rubbish/bin £0.50

    ?What is the least amount of jobs you will have to do to earn £5?
    ?What is the most amount of jobs you will have to do to earn £5?
    ?Which jobs would prefer to do and why?
    ?What other jobs could you do around the house?
    ?How much should you be paid for each one?

    Think of something that you would really like to buy and find out how much it costs.

    ?Work out how much you would need to save each week and how long it would take you to save up for it.
    ?How much money would you have left after buying it?

    Think of the people in your family and your closest friends. Using catalogues, magazines or the internet look at presents that you would like to buy for them for Christmas.

    ?What present will you buy for each person?
    ?How much will it cost?
    ?How much money will you need altogether?
    ?How long will it take you to save up this amount?
    ?How many presents will you buy altogether?
    ?How much money will you have left over?

  17. like this some more maths ones like this type would be a good resource
  18. I go out to buy some shoes and come back to all those Roman ideas, Thank you Bluerose!

    Maths idea - on a long journey, choose a target number and add up numberplates and see who can total a target number first.

    I'll keep thinking about some more maths ideas.

    I've been looking at the teacher Tv programme about brain builders and Learning logs - they seem to take a weekly target based on a sci, lit or num topic rather than look at a general curriculum topic as we have been doing here. Which option would be the easist to introduce?

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