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Homework and other things

Discussion in 'Independent' started by trinity0097, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    What subject and age range?
    Every night seems excessive if for a secondary subject, e.g. for Maths in my prep school, Yrs 3/4 get no prep other than reading/learning times tables, Yrs 5/6/7 get one Maths prep a week, Yr 8 get 2 Maths preps a week for the run up to CE.
  2. Ireton

    Ireton New commenter

    Firstly I am sorry to hear that you are being treated like this, I think many of our posters will have been there at one stage or another, usually when we first started teaching or moved schools, so hang on in there.
    Firstly, I totally agree with Pookyrobin in that you have to remember that you are the professional here, you are the trained individual and the parents aren't. Some of them believe that as they are paying for something, they can treat and speak to you in a manner that they wouldn't speak to another professional. If they are upset with the school, they will use you as a channel for their upset, rather than go through the head and complain to them. As I am sure you know, you will find some of them always complain and ofen will use the newest member of staff to be a focal point. Arriving at my present school with 20 years' experience under my belt, it took me a year to be accepted, mainly because I threw myself wholeheartedly into the school life but it does take time to earn their respect.
    You mention that some parents are upset but is this due to the school itself? I would speak to your line manager or even Head, they should by now have given you feedback on your first term and you can alert them to concerns being raised. You shouldn't have to shoulder this alone and it is up to the Head of Dept and Head to deal with this.
    With regards to homework, I would speak to the Academic deputy/Director of Studies and ask them what the policy is. It is prefectly acceptable to set reading homework and research and homework every night shouldn't be expected and isn't always necessary. I occasionally send home links to specific web sites or ask them to watch a programme on iplayer which is relevent to the work we are doing, however, as you don't say which year group your are dealing with, it is harder to offer more suggestions.
    Above all, remember that the school employed you and believes and trusts in you - it just takes it longer for some parents to do the same.
    Good luck
  3. One of my colleagues doesn't believe in homework for yr 7. So they get around the school policy by giving homework that doesn't involve marking. So it would be things like watch a program, look something up, etc all the time. They say the parents love it. I would have as a parent, but I don't really believe that all the parents love it. She seems to have gotten away with it for a couple of years so far.

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