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Homework and Mental Health

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by kellymh4, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. kellymh4

    kellymh4 New commenter

    Hi im a student teacher looking into the possible negative effects of homework on mental heath at KS1. I am hoping people wont mind sharing their opinions and experiences
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  2. ParentA

    ParentA New commenter

    I can speak from the perspective of a parent with a child with Autism. My son has very literal thinking so school was for work and home was for play. In Primary school, he would get very anxious about completing anything sent home from school. It would get torn up, scribbled all over or, on one occasion put down the toilet, so, in the end, I wrote to the school to say he wouldn't be doing the homework anymore and they agreed they were happy for him not to do it.

    Fast forward five years and now, to him, homework is a demonstration of his knowledge (he's a visual learner). He will happily complete the homework to show how much he can do! I honestly believe, though, that if he had continued to be told to do homework at Primary, he wouldn't be as happy about learning as he is now and I'm sure he wouldn't be in the same positive place as he is with his mental health.
  3. kellymh4

    kellymh4 New commenter

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. What a lovely, positive turn around. thank you for sharing.
  4. LeftTheBuilding

    LeftTheBuilding Occasional commenter

    Look for Alfie Kohn, The Homework Myth. He has a lot to say.
  5. LeftTheBuilding

    LeftTheBuilding Occasional commenter

    Are you looking at the negative effects that are immediately apparent in year 1 or are you interested in the effect in later years where children were given homework in year 1?

    In year 1, neither of my children did homework. We read books, we talked, we played. That was enough. I feel it's developmentally inappropriate, bordering on abuse, to have academic expectations of young children.
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  6. cys2017

    cys2017 Occasional commenter

    They get too much for their age at some schools in my opinion
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  7. cys2017

    cys2017 Occasional commenter

    In addition to my previous comment I also think that young children being given homework especially if it involves the parents can improve the mental health due to building positive relationships with the parents as this means they will be spending time with each other. Let’s not forget that some parents work and may not get that 1-1 time with their children so this is also a chance for them to do that.

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