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Homebase card grrr

Discussion in 'Personal' started by mrsh84, May 27, 2011.

  1. I have been charged for late payment but having checked my bank statements I have paid on time every month. My 'pay by' date is the 16th of the month and I made payments on 9th April, 21st April and 23rd May. Have been charged £12. I'm feeling actually quite angry and 30 minutes on hold on the phone didn't help, particularly when greeted by a message of 'our offices our now closed' at 8. I will be trying again in the morning but it's really playing on my mind now as I'm quite careful. Once this is paid (£40 left!) I will be cutting it up. I don't normally use it either but had to buy an extra bit for our kitchen and had no money left but couldn't wait for the next pay month as hubby had holiday from work to do the kitchen and we couldn't carry on without it! (As with all DIY it was harder than planned).
    What can I do? I know I won't sleep now for worrying about it. Phew, actually saying it has made me a it calmer.
  2. I take it the 21st April and 32 may were for the following month each time?
    If so, I would phone up and inform them of your grievance, then follow with a stinking e-mail. Which month does your late fee refer to?
  3. It didn't say on the bill which month. I will be ringing again this morning and if I'm not happy will definitely be emailing. Thanks for the reply, yes april and may were the following months and april's would have been paid well before 16th may.
  4. I got caught by this in April,because of a bank holiday on Good Friday.I pay mine by internet banking as soon as the bill comes in, but forgot about the holiday. I had a whinge by email about it and suggested that instead of making payment due date a weekend day, or bank holiday that they actually helped customers by alerting them to the fact that payment would need to be earlier, or choosing a date when the banks were working and the money would be transferred in time.
    They waived the charge because I "was a valued customer", so it is worth worth having a whinge.
    Good luck.

  5. Did you make the payments after the statement was generated? If you make a payment before the new statement it is counted as an extra payment and not a minimum payment.
  6. PFF that's exactly what happened but I didn't know. Statements are on the 22nd of the month and last month we got paid on the 21st so paid all my bills as normal then. Luckily they accepted that as nowhere in their documentation did it mention how an early payment would be recorded on the last month's statement they have refunded the charge.
  7. It is standard practice in all credit T&Cs.
    You were lucky they refunded the charge, as many companies wouldn't.
  8. Thanks for that, they did see what had happened. I guess it must have happened to a few people in april due to the extra bank holidays etc. and that is why they were willing to refund it. There was me thinking I was actually paying my bill properly and not leaving it until the last minute. Ah well all sorted now, thanks for the replies everyone.

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