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Home Visits

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by ssettrey, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Hi, My school are going to try home visits for the first time this year. Obvioulsy this is a good opportunity to find out lots of information about the children. Does anyone have a list of questions that have been tried and tested?
  2. Yes we have a lovely list of questions, don't have a copy on my school laptop so will get back to you if that's okay!
  3. I would also appreciate seeing this list of questions, if you are happy to share. My email is littlemissd@virginmedia.com
  4. I would also love to have a look at your questions if you don't mind. Doing my first home visits this term too. Many thanks in advance

    coops1279@hotmail.com :)
  5. I would also really appreciate a copy, starting my first year as a nursery teacher in september as an NQT. Many Thanks x
  6. hello blueberries
    Please could I have a copy of the questions too. My email is nandita_261@fsmail.net
    Many thanks
  7. GemsEYFS

    GemsEYFS New commenter

  8. LauraJeanD

    LauraJeanD New commenter

    Hi :)
    I'm starting as an NQT in September and will be doing home visits. Pretty please can I have a copy of your questions? With a cherry on top?


  9. Hi there.
    We do home visits and go armed with a bag of goodies! We include a numberline, a dice, coloured crayons, a whiteboard and marker pen, a laminated number formation and rhyme sheet (thankyou **********) a story (road safety book with teddy to colour) and playdo. Whilst our PIW and LM asks the parents about names, dob, contacts, medical history, including family history re dyslexia, autism, hearing probs, phobias, allergies etc I play with the child making a preliminary baseline of their capabilities.
    I ask the child to unpack one of their presents and then we try it out. "Oh, a number line. How old are you...can you see your special number? If Ok then, Do you know any of these other ones? Can you count them etc. How many dinos are on the top? We shake the dice - what have you got? I shake, oh who got most?" That kind of thing.
    With the w/b I write my name and do a pic, ask them if they'd like a go.
    Here I check hand pref and grip, willingness to mark make and general control.
    We read the story, check for interest, prediction, attention span, etc. Teddy to colour open crayons discuss colours etc "What's your fav? I like orange..."
    With the playdo I ask them to make something then check for shape recognition, circle, we make snakes...who's got the longest? Sometimes we make cherry buns and sing 5 current buns - or similar.
    As well as geting a good idea about the child's capabilities I have a chance to form a really good relationship with the child and they have my undivided attention for 45mins. Sometimes they show me their fav toys, books etc. I use this to make sure that there's something there for each child when the start, be it Peppa Pig or rabbits, Dr Who or horses.
    As for Mum and Dad they feel happy they know your face and that their child seems comfortable with you.
    Hope this helps.

  10. Thank you wardjulieann, I'll be doing home visits for the first time in September so that's really useful.
  11. I also find it useful to take a book of photos of activities at nursery eg children playing in the sand, water etc, children having a snack, outdoor activities etc. The children enjoy looking at what they can do, and so do the parents!
  12. Hi there please could i have a copy of the questions you ask when you go on home visits, i am an NQT and i will be starting my new job as a nursery teacher and i am going on some home visits in three weeks time.


  13. Im very impressed but just wonder how long does it take you to do all this? We've got 30 kids and we have 3 days set for the home visits so we've got about 10 min. allocated to one child.
  14. zibidee

    zibidee New commenter

    Tell me about it, we have one day and a 65 place Nursery! So our EYO does most of them which means often nobody in the team has met the child before they start. I hate it but have no power to change it.
    When I have done home visits, I love it. You get such a better picture of a child after seeing their home. However they are very difficult in my area. Many parents don't bother being home for the visit, many don't speak much English, many don't understand the questions about child development i.e. do you have concerns about your child's speech, they say no, even though their child can't form more than a 3 word phrase at age 3 and can't pronounce a lot of what they do say. Its very frustrating, but at least you build a good relationship from the start so that you can work with them to support the child.
  15. Hi i was just wondering if i could have the list of questions off you too, You seem to be in demand [​IMG] Many thanks Dawn
  16. I work in Reception unit and I would also like to have a look at your questions if you don't mind.
    bagpuss_lover@hotmail.co.uk, many thanks.
  17. Me too! I have been doing nursery home visits but am changing schools and doing reception home visits so would love the questions too.
  18. Hi i'll be doing home visits for the first time in September and would love a copy please.
    Thanks in advance x
  19. Hi I have home visits coming up, please could I also have a list of questions. I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks & Bless U!
    My add is: JowairiahAslam@hotmail.co.uk
    Kind Regards
  20. hsz06rgu

    hsz06rgu New commenter

    Wow, 45 minutes! That's a great amount of time. I'm going to be doing home visits for the first time this year at a new school and we have about 15 minutes once we have taken the journey to them and to the next person in account. If you had to cut down the questions by half, which one's do you feel would be the most valuable?

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