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Home security camera systems?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by TiggerKat, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. We have a system that was bought from Maplin. Think it was about £200 but hubby bought it not me. It has 3 cameras, but you can add more, add it records really clearly even when it's dark (we have rabbits and foxes in our garden at night).
    Hubby spent a couple of evenings putting up the cameras, and positioning them right, and the wires go up behind the fascia board, accross the loft and down some tracking to the desk in the corner of the bedroom.
    The system comes with a box that can record from the cameras, can't remember how many hours, but I know it will cover a weeks holiday, and hubby has attached a monitor to it to watch.
    I believe we could set it up to view it over the internet, and hubby also mention motion sensitive. The staff in Maplins are really knowledgeable and helpful with it.
  2. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Ooh, that sounds really interesting - I will tell Mr K when he get's in . . . . .he's the one that knows more about technical things than me . . . . . we footered about with a little webcam last night . . . . . but it really picks up very little as soon as the light starts to fade . . . . .so cameras that record a good picture when it's dark are essential.
    Thank you [​IMG]
  3. If you do a bit of internet digging, you can find a CCTV camera for about £40 which comes with the software to record up to 16 cameras.
    They are EDIMAX cameras and use either wired or wireless networking.
    I use 14 of them as a security system in the shop
    Tis good

  4. If you are planning on putting any cameras outside of the house make sure you research the legalities.
    I was looking at getting one at the front of the house after my car windscreen was smashed whilst I was out. Nobody saw anything but 2 neighbours have cameras so I was hoping to spot the culprit on their footage. However when the police came they told me it was illegal to have cameras pointing past our front wall (terraced house) and definitely could not have them pointing at our cars.
    Infact a neighbour caught a crime on their camera (before knowing about this 'law') and when informing the police was told that they couldn't take action against the offender rather my neighbour was cautioned for illegal filming and could have had further action taken against him. All a load of balls I say.
    Sorry for hijacking the thread, I can't make any recommendations but if you do want camera's outside, please consider the above [​IMG]
  5. Sorry but the police are wrong. Personal home cctv cameras are not covered by the DPA and technically you can film what you want in a public place, so filming past the end of your property into the street is fine.

    Only filming other peoples private property is an issue, but we got round this easily by talking to our neighbour, and have his permission to film his back door as well as ours (actually he's really happy about it).

    Also because it is a private house there is no need to register it, no need to put up warning signs or anything.
  6. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Well it looks like we might not bother investing in all the gizmos after all. I found out today who is causing the bother. That was the reason we wanted a camera - purposes of identification.
    CChemist - yeah, the legalities are a minefield . . . . the people across the road have two cameras and the cops are genuinely not bovvered. A neighbour wanted to get one and the cops told her she could as long as they could use her camera to catch people being naughty. I enquired with the police about it a few years ago and was told that you needed a sign up saying 'CCTV in operation you are being filmed' blah de blah . . . . people run into problems when they catch something on their camera and then involve the police in chasing it up using the footage or image as criminal 'evidence' . . . . . . . but we would just use the images to identify them, track them down and knee cap them. No police involvement at all [​IMG]


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