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Home - School feedback forms

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by jobby, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. I have recently started working in an ASD unit linked to a mainstream school. Currently we use a home-school book for each child and write a full account of the day to assist the parents in talking to their child about the day. It is also used to inform the parents of any changes to routine, any behaviour issues or anything else relevant to their child's day. The problem with this is that sometimes our account lacks focus and can take a very long time to complete for each child. I am looking at streamlining our daily feedback to parents, primarily to include only relevant detail and also to help manage the amount of time spent on paperwork. I feel that our two way communication is vital (and I don't want to damage the good relationships that we share with the parents) but there must be an easier format that we could use.
    Does anyone have any advice or tried and tested proformas that I could adapt for our needs? Also, has anyone changed from a longwinded report daily to a form or tick list? How have the parents reacted?
  2. As a parent I find home-school contact valuable in that it gives me prompts to talk about my child's day - I think a tick box form would leave me cold. Please don't send a tick box form home! However once a timetable is provided, I only really need to know things that differ from the norm - such as an incident or if my child has done particularly well at something. Otherwise I don't expect a daily run down of every lesson.
    I also work in an ASC provision attached to mainstream and write homeschool books for the pupils I am responsible for (key worker, I am a TA) - in these I record if a child has had a problem, a good day, a fab day but a blip in Maths. They don't need to be lengthy but it is important that there is something daily. With one child I usually need to write more, another child only needs a few words on a daily basis.
  3. foxtail3

    foxtail3 Star commenter

    In my current school we have home/school books for the ASD children. It is time consuming, but we ask the TA towrite in it and then check. Always (hopefully) something positive to start and then any issues that have arisen. Mums use it to suggest strategies etc. There was a suggestion of using email, but that relies on checking frequently and could become unmanageable. It really is a question of fostering positive relationships and I don't think that tick boxes can do that. you often gain further insight from things that parents write and it's useful to know if there's something at home we may not otherwise be aware of.

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