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Home Learning Resource Pack

Discussion in 'Education news' started by AnnaKelda, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. AnnaKelda

    AnnaKelda New commenter

    Evening all,

    Following Boris Johnson’s announcement this evening my school are currently stuck with how to provide primary children with home learning. Quite a few parents have complained that they cannot access the online resources we have provided them on Class Dojo for several reasons including they don’t have the internet, couldn’t print work off or only have one device in the household for all the children to work on etc. To support them we had proposed to create weekly packs to be placed on the school playground and have each class collect on a specific day and to observe social distancing etc. This would appear to no longer be viable. What alternatives could we offer though? Posting would be one idea but for the cost and extra strain on postal services?
    Any thoughts on this welcomed.
    Thank you
  2. Corvuscorax

    Corvuscorax Star commenter

    I think the parents have to take responsibility for making it possible for their children to learn.

    You are providing resources. They access those resources, or they provide their own.

    This wasn't unexpected. There has been ample opportunity to resolve internet issues, and many sources of support, including financial support, to resolve them.

    No, don't post.That is not safe.

    You can talk to the children by phone, presumably.
  3. AnnaKelda

    AnnaKelda New commenter

    Thank you. I know that’s the answer I wanted to hear but it does make me feel better because these are completely unprecedented times and we are trying to provide resources and be fair but the rules keep changing!!

    We definitely won’t be posting but I suppose we could call families to give them support and advice if it comes to that.
    Thank you.
  4. hannah_m2

    hannah_m2 New commenter

    Hey guys! Just wanted to say a huge well done to all your incredible work with maintaining parent relations. I so appreciate your points on essentially championing parents to take ownership and responsibility to facilitate their child's learning.

    On this note I wanted to make you aware of extra curricular learning parents can get involved with. I volunteer for A21, a Global NGO Charity Abolishing Human Trafficking and child exploitation in the 21st Century.

    Would be more than glad to send you our resources to teach at home.
    We've spoken to just over 10,000 students in school assemblies across the UK in 2019.

    Drop me a message to keep in contact, ask any questions on FREE School Assemblies & Presentations, receive FREE lesson plan resources and teaching downloads!

    We can't all do everything but we can each do something to make all the change in an area that goes unspoken under our noses in our very own communities

    Have a browse of our website and message me with any questions or queries you may have!

    All the best,

    Hannah x
  5. I work for a PE/physical literacy development provider. Like most companies, we're trying to do our bit to help families through this crisis. PE is a subject lots of people assumed was impossible from home. The staggering success of influencers like Joe Wicks proves this is definitely not the case!

    We don't have a million viewers and we're not as good looking as Wicksy, but our Young Champions PE and sports skills app is FREE now and for the foreseeable future. Click the link to check us out:

    Our sessions (Movement Skills, Dance, Yoga) are short (5-10mins) and designed to increase overall physical activity in increments. We want kids to continue hitting that 60min movement target at home!

    Thanks for listening. And much love to teachers all over the world. (We always knew you guys were superheroes).

    The Healthy Schools Programme

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