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Home Birth vs Hospital

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by ecb00lm, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Hello

    OH and I are 33 weeks today and having planned on a hospital birth are now starting to consider homebirth as an alternative option. Our son is due at the start of May and will be our first child. We have done lots of reading around the idea and discussed it at ante natal and with our supportive midwife. We still have time to consider it fully and as I have learnt so much by trusting your opinions and experiences over the TTC phase and through my pregnancy I just wondered what you thought. Have any of you experienced either?

    We are only 4 minutes away from the hospital by car and appreciate that the best laid plans dont always work out but hospital just seems so odd and I hate the thought of OH having to leave on our first night as a family.

    All suggestions gratefully received,

    ECB x x
  2. I had a hospital birth but I think if I had another I would have a home birth, we live 1/4 mile from the maternity hospital. My sons birth was very straight forward and lovely in the birthing pool and in hindsight would have been lovely if at home.
    The labour part in hospital is ok because you're so focused on labour you don't really care where you are but once you get onto the ward it's hot and noisy and not great. The bathrooms are manky and it's hard to sleep. Saying that though the midwives were great at settling the baby and helping me get breastfeeding started. They also came and bathed him for me the next moning. My LO was very mucousy and didn't want to feed, he also had to have a lot of blood tests as I was diagnosed with group B strep so for us it was a good job we were there the day after the birth. You're also quite nervous obviously that first night so it's good to have the experts available. It wasn't nice when my OH had to leave but I was so tired I needed the rest, they can also get the house sorted for when you come home.
    It's also quite nice when visitors come to the hospital as you don't have to worry about them getting a cuppa and making a mess.
    Sorry I know that's not that helpful but hopefully will give you an idea of what hospital is like.
  3. Hi ecb. I had a home birth and would do it again if I had another. We too are only a short distance from the hospital, which reassured me when we made the decision to have a homebirth.
    The midwife care I had during and after the birth was fab. They brought all the kit (pain relief, emergency stuff etc) with them and cleared up thoroughly afterwards. We weren't left until we were settled and we had several midwife visits over the next few days. By far the best bits though were showering in my own shower and sleeping in my own bed afterwards, cuddled up to OH and LO.
    My LO also didn't feed well to start with but the support we had was excellent and I don't think I'd be breast feeding now if I'd have been in hospital. I felt much more comfortable sitting around with my boobs out at home.
    I bought a birth pool in a box from ebay and found it helped a lot with the pain. I also had gas and air, which is magical stuff!

  4. My midwife has suggested home birth to me and I dismissed it out of hand as i thought it was not right for me- i.e i wasn't 'tough' enough. i have gone away and started to consider it though!
    Hospitals scare me. they are unfamiliar and my nearest doesn't do tours. I have never experienced pain really so feel unprepared! There is a home birth support group I might attend to see what they say.Also liek that i could have pool. Not an option in my local hospital although it's a huge city hospital.
    Hospital is about 12 miles away on dual carriageway so fast road. Is this too far do you think? Good luck making the decision ecb- it is one you can change your mind about at any point if you need to.
  5. My hospital was over 20 miles away so I was too scared to opt for a home birth- but glad I didn't as it didn't go well ...but won't go into it.

    I think it depends on the hospital, our maternity unit is fantastic. I had my own ensuite room for my 3 night stay and it was clean- all the labour rooms had a bathroom and two beds (one for labour and one to pop in when the messy bit is over!) Even the food was pretty good- a big choice, cakes as extras and really not bad. I had 3 days of skin to skin and few visitors and it was so lovely- I loved my stay in hospital and most my friends who stayed at ours enjoyed it too..... so I would prefer to do this than a home birth (i wouldn't be allowed now, anyway). So, if your hospital is like this- I'd consider it!

    A home birth can be very positive and relaxing though I don't know much about them, I think I would feel under pressure to get up and start cleaning though - I loved my three days of daughter bonding and it kept the mil away as we were only allowed very limited visitors.


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