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Home alone!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by MrsMooShoes, May 23, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone!
    My OH has returned to work today 4 weeks after the birth of our lovely little girl. I'm feeling quite anxious about being home alone with the baby as have been having the usual hormonal up and down feelings over the past few weeks, so am looking for advice to help me survive getting through the day with a newborn. What sorts of things do people do to keep themselves and baby occupied for the day? Has anyone attended any groups or clubs that they feel would be helpful?
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!
  2. I went to every group going lol. The first was the bf group, and then I met some lovely mums there so we started meeting for lunch once a week at someones house (we'd take turns and not care about the mess as we were all the same), then I found a baby sensory class (expensive but rather good), and the sure start messy play group was fun. I found that by the time lo was about 10 weeks old I had somewhere to go almost every day. I was doing the school run twice a day too, even though my eldest can walk to and from school by herself, it gave me something to do with the baby (and an excuse to show her off to the other mums).
    I really enjoyed maternity leave and the first few weeks of just feeding baby, and pottering around doing not much. I also joined a few internet forums and read a lot of baby books (and watched a lot of rubbish tv [​IMG])
  3. kittenjames

    kittenjames New commenter

    After initially worrying I'd be bored (!) On maternity leave, I've loved it and am dreading going back.10 nice things, in no particular order.1. Napping with LO. 2. Going for walks with LO with a coffee and mag stop halfway. 3. Going to any baby group. 4. Meeting up with new friends from baby groups. 5. Going swimming with LO. 6. Having pyjama days with LO and just playing together. 7. Going shopping for nice ingredients and making something from scratch with LO in the kitchen with me. 8. Whiling away too much time on internet forums. 9. Baby massage group. 10. Just cuddling for ages and staring at LO! I figure I'll never have this time again so I'm just going with the flow. Enjoy your lovely new baby x
  4. Love it kittenjames! :)
    I remember feeling that I was at my absolute happiest when the sun was shining and all I had to worry about was baby. Precious precious time! I used to enjoy the simple things like getting all the ball pit balls out (when she was a little older) and making a huge mess, giggling and taking lots of photos. I'd dance round the kitchen with her to the radio. We also went out to a group or met up with friends most days- have you got friends with babies? If not get out there and meet some!
    Enjoy! x
  5. I still have people saying to me 'don't you get bored sitting at home alone all day?;'... which I do find odd, as there are very few days when I am home alone.. I am out most days, either with friends, MIL or my mum. After a while, social lives really seem to pick up... though it is all baby focused.
    And I agree with Kittenjames- just that, Once you get into your stride, it all picks up and is such a lovely time.
    Some groups are good and friendly, some are not. So experiment- try any group. Before you know it, you will have a crawling and bouncing baby and you will be looking in wonder at the newborns and will not remember ever having something so small!

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